Deshara Pariag

BACP Counsellor & Psychotherapist

Counsellor Deshara Pariag is a certified therapist specialising in mental health and wellbeing. She provides counselling support and assessments for surgeries, with her main role at Cosmetic Surgery Partners spanning pre-op counselling sessions. As a member of BACP, the professional association for members of the UK’s counselling professions, Deshara is a leader in her field and a valued member of our team.

pre-operation BACP cosmetic surgery counsellor Deshara Pariag

Deshara Pariag

BACP Counsellor & Psychotherapist

Deshara is a Person-Centred Counsellor and Cognitive Behavioural Therapist with significant experience in the study and research of mental health. She is bound by the Ethical Framework for Good Practice in the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

At Cosmetic Surgery Partners, Deshara helps prepare patients for the emotional and physical changes from surgery. Part of her role is assessment-based, and part of it is therapy-based, depending on the patient. Deshara specialises in anxiety, depression, and surgical wellbeing, helping patients across a broad spectrum.

Some patients just need someone to talk to, while others require guided self-help or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to deal with anxiety and stress. Deshara provides a safe space for patients to work on their mental health, helping patients move forward and make great progress when they aren’t coping.

Deshara’s role at Cosmetic Surgery Partners

With cosmetic surgery being a life-changing process, patients often have emotional and physical challenges to overcome. Things as simple as pre-op nerves and post-op blues can manifest into something a lot more serious.

Cosmetic Surgery Partners has patient protocol procedures for counselling, requiring post-op assessments and pre-op follow-ups. The serious nature of pre-op assessments requires an experienced, thorough therapist, and Deshara handles this aspect of the surgical experience, providing thorough assessments that meet our requirements.

Before surgery, our main concerns with patients include their physical condition and their mental health. The Professional Standards for Cosmetic Practice (RCS, 2016) state that surgeons performing cosmetic surgery must attempt to identify any psychologically vulnerable patients. This means we have a legal duty to assess patients.

We want to know if they are capable of handling the emotional and physical changes that come with surgery and if they are of sound mind. Psychological conditions must be under control for a surgical procedure of any nature to commence.

Deshara concisely provides professional assessments, from questionnaires to psychological evaluations. Physiological evaluations are a more intensive approach, required when there are concerns about the patient’s wellbeing.

As part of your patient experience with us, Deshara will be with you from the start to guide you through your journey.

Clinical interests and specialities

  • Surgery psychology
  • Pre-operative anxiety
  • Post-operative depression
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Mental health, wellbeing
  • CBT and dialectical therapy

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