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UK’s Leading Cosmetic and plastic surgery clinic with great expertise in a wide range of surgical and aesthetic treatments. We are based in London and are led by world class Cosmetic Surgeons


A London based cosmetic surgery clinic led by world class Cosmetic Surgeons

Cosmetic surgery can seem something of a mystery, so we have laid out basic information about each of the procedures that we specialise in. You will find details about the consultation process, the operation itself, the recovery phase and, of course, any potential complications.

Expert Cosmetic Surgeons 

Our expert surgeons have performed thousands of successful procedures earning the reputation of being among the UK’s top Cosmetic Surgeons. Our operations are all performed according to strict guidelines and all of our equipment is of the highest quality. At Cosmetic Surgery Partners you can be sure of receiving the best treatment possible.

Miles Berry developed and introduced the ABBA breast augmentation to the UK and has a special interest in research and patient education.

Our Surgery

You can find out about our main procedures below, and if you need more information on any of these, just pick up the phone, our practice manager will be happy to help you 0207 486 6778.

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