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Apr 12
Cosmetic Surgery Partners At West London Riverside Hospital

We are thrilled to announce that Cosmetic Surgery Partners have just gained access to…

Jun 28
Attitudes towards Cosmetic Surgery and Coronavirus A Patient Survey

  We conducted a survey to get an idea of how patients felt about having elective…

Jun 26
Remaining Operational During Lockdown​

Latest information regarding safety protocols at our hospital during the pandemic 2021…

Jun 20
How to prepare for your Cosmetic Surgery consultation

  Your consultation is your best opportunity to discover more about your desired…

Jun 18
What does FRCS mean? – The Fellowship of the Royal Colleges of Surgeons

What is the FRCS and why is it important? Surgery and cosmetic aesthetics are…

May 31
Face Lift Surgery vs Non-Surgical Fillers

Filler vs Face surgery – why only a facelift will give lasting results With the rise…

May 25
The health benefits of cosmetic surgery procedures

  Cosmetic surgery has long been associated with vanity and self-improvement,…

May 23
Breast Implant safety information – the facts and myths concerning BIA-ALCL and BII

  Following the airing of the Dispatches programme last night our patients may be…

May 15
The different kinds of surgery – Cosmetic vs plastic vs reconstructive

Considering a procedure for yourself can be daunting if this is your first…

May 11
The mommy make-over: post-pregnancy surgery

  For many women in the UK, having a child is one of the most challenging yet…

Apr 29
Cosmetic surgery is now more acceptable for men

  With social lifestyles and constrictions becoming more and more permeable, the…

Apr 23
Does it matter what age you have cosmetic surgery?

  Cosmetic surgery is not a decision to be taken lightly and it calls for careful…

Apr 22
Is there an age limit for cosmetic surgery?

  There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding cosmetic surgery, as well as the…

Apr 21
What are the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the UK?

  Cosmetic surgery has long provided a beacon of hope for all sorts of people who…

Apr 21
Win dinner for 2 to celebrate our 100th blog post

  Today we have hit a major milestone in our online journey, our 100th blog post!…

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