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Apr 21
What is breast surgery?

  When people discuss cosmetic surgery, breast surgery is often the first thing…

Apr 21
The proper use of before and after photos in cosmetic surgery advertising

  A thoroughly interesting article on the BBC news website regarding the use of…

Apr 21
Miles Berry is speaking at the Fourth International Breast Surgery Workshop

  On Friday 17th and Saturday 18th April, the stunning city of Rome will be…

Apr 21
What questions should i ask my cosmetic surgeon – UK Infographic

The Infographic above was created a result of recent press regarding Cosmetic Surgery…

Apr 21
Team Cosmetic Surgery Partners pose with Champion F3 driver Toby Sowery

  On a bright but cold February afternoon in the heart of Mayfair, a small crowd…

Apr 21
Labiaplasty advice from expert Cosmetic Surgeons

The real reason women have labiaplasty surgery Recently on the Mail Online, our expert…

Apr 21
Did Uma Thurman have Plastic Surgery?

  Cosmetic Surgery and famous celebrities stepping out in radically altered…

Apr 21
Fat transfers, nature & the nurturing role of female fat

Recent work brought to a wider audience some interesting research undertaken by a team…

Apr 21
Five important steps to take before liposuction surgery

  Liposuction surgery has long been a popular cosmetic surgery procedure for both…

Apr 21
Top ten weird & wonderful plastic & cosmetic surgery 2014

Top 10 most outrageous cosmetic surgery stories of 2014 As with any given industry or…

Apr 21
Cosmetic Surgery Partners at Pole Position

Cosmetic Surgery Partners’ sponsored F3 driver Toby Sowery wins the 2014 MRF…

Apr 21
Cosmetic surgery should be done by specialist surgeons

  The BBC’s article about who should be performing Cosmetic…

Apr 21
Cosmetic surgery for men is on the rise, figures show

For many years, cosmetic surgery was something which was primarily thought of as a…

Apr 21
Don’t go abroad for cheap Cosmetic Surgery – A warning from patient

  The latest issue of Now Magazine talks about the dangers of traveling abroad in…

Apr 21
Miles Berry gets Bupa consultant recognition

Undergoing cosmetic surgery is always a big decision, no matter what the procedure is.…

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