The proper use of before and after photos in cosmetic surgery advertising

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The proper use of before and after photos in cosmetic surgery advertising


A thoroughly interesting article on the BBC news website regarding the use of before and after photos used in sales pitches so commonly associated in the Cosmetic Surgery industry.

We would like to take the opportunity to tell you that ALL pre & post-surgical result photos that we present to patients are purposefully portrayed in a neutral light.

We make sure the standard is upheld by all of our practising cosmetic surgeons. We also ask our patients to help us in the quest for providing accurate and honest depiction of surgery by not wearing make-up (for facial surgery results) and arriving wearing the same garments (for body related surgical procedures)

The Cosmetic Surgery Partners photo method

1. Photos are taken at the same angles with the same background colour

2. We do not apply digital body contouring or photo editing to enhance the results of surgery

3. We do not digital minimise or otherwise edit post-surgical scarring

4. We advise patients to not wear make-up for both pre & post photos as this can also enhance the pre and post-surgery results and therefore mislead future patients have an objective view of surgery.

We present the situation as it is, as we strongly believe the patients expectations should be realistic, be wary of the surgeon who agrees readily to all your expectations!

You can read the article on the BBC news website here –

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