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May 25
The health benefits of cosmetic surgery procedures

  Cosmetic surgery has long been associated with vanity and self-improvement,…

May 23
Breast Implant safety information – the facts and myths concerning BIA-ALCL and BII

  Following the airing of the Dispatches programme last night our patients may be…

Apr 21
What is breast surgery?

  When people discuss cosmetic surgery, breast surgery is often the first thing…

Apr 21
Katie Price to have boob job number 7

Reveal Magazine features Katie Price’s plans to have a seventh boob job! 36 year old…

Apr 21
What is breast augmentation

  Last month we spoke about breast surgery, giving you our top tips for choosing…

Apr 21
Cosmetic Surgeon Mr Miles Berry breast cancer awareness month feature

Last month was Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign that involves…

Apr 21
4 top tips for choosing the right surgeon for your new boobs

  Breast enhancements have always been one of the most popular cosmetic surgery…

Apr 21
Step by Step: Breast reduction

  Breast reduction surgery involves removing tissue and skin from the breasts in…

Apr 21
Balancing Out Your Breasts

Are you worried about the unusual breast size of your body? Then this article is for…

Apr 21
Who will be present during your breast augmentation procedure

Information for anyone who is considering Breast Augmentation surgery Undergoing any…

Apr 21
Cosmetic surgeon builds new breast & nipple for cancer patient via fat transfer from her thighs

  Sharron Luke, 50, was diagnosed with Stage 3 invasive cancer in November 2010…

Apr 21
How to make your breasts look younger cosmetic surgery advice

UK cosmetic surgeon Mr Miles Berry advises how to make your breasts look younger Miles…

Apr 19
When should i replace my Breast Implants?

When to replace breast implants The longevity of breast implants is something that…

Apr 10
How to correct inverted nipples and what are the causes?

  No two breasts are the same; this is something that most women know all too…

Mar 23
When should i replace my breast implants?

  Breast augmentation is a very popular surgery amongst women. In fact, it is the…

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