The health benefits of cosmetic surgery procedures

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The health benefits of cosmetic surgery procedures

Cosmetic surgery has long been associated with vanity and self-improvement, which on reflection isn’t a bad thing. If you’re unhappy with how you look and wish to change a certain problem area, then why shouldn’t you make use of the professionals available to you? However, for those who still doubt the validity and necessity of cosmetic and plastic surgery, there are hidden health benefits that often aren’t considered as readily as a snapshot judgement. Cosmetic surgery to improve how you feel about yourself within your own skin is entirely valid in every sense of the word, but even some of the most popular treatments have health and physiological benefits that we feel you should know about.

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The health benefits of the rhinoplasty (or nose job)

A rhinoplasty, commonly known as a nose job, alters the shape of your nose to a more pleasing appearance. Many patients opt for a surgical rhinoplasty because of bumps or ridges in the bridge of their nose, a ‘hook’ or down-turned nose projection, or to simply mend what has been broken by accident or injury. Being the focal point of the face and directly between the eyes, many patients feel that their irregular nose shape is far too noticeable even when just conversing with others. Impacting social relationships and your feelings towards yourself, a nose job in London could transform how you and others see your face. However, this isn’t the only benefit of a rhinoplasty. A surgical nose job is also successful at correcting breathing problems when performed by a reputable surgeon. A deviated septum, for example, is when the partition separating the two chambers of the nostrils falls irregularly to one side, restricting breathing through the affected nostril. In many cases, patients find that they are not snoring or can breathe far more comfortably after a healed rhinoplasty than they could pre-surgery.

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The health benefits of breast reduction

Nearly 4,000 women opted for a breast reduction in 2017, according to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. This could be attributed to the popularisation of the ‘tear drop’ breast shape or smaller and perkier breasts falling into fashion, or simply because more women are realising that there are reduction solutions available to them. While we do not encourage or support patients undergoing surgery for the sake of fashion or fad trend, we understand that a breast reduction is the right choice for a lot people suffering with uncomfortably large breasts.

Breast reduction in London could change the way your entire torso appears; falling breasts or those experiencing atrophy often push the upper tissue of the tummy down, creating more of a belly than there would be had they been perkier or resting normally. This also changes the way clothes fit you, impacting dress size and what you deem as flattering (or not, as the case may be) your figure. While breast reduction for women could change the way, you see yourself and your own self-confidence, they also provide health benefits and relief from discomfort. Atrophic breasts or breasts that are just too big can be very uncomfortable, as they pull the posture downwards. They stiffen the muscles in the shoulders, back, and neck as they pull them down into a constant stoop. Even what would otherwise be considered everyday occurrences such as wearing a bra, exercising, or even walking briskly can be physically uncomfortable and embarrassing for a woman with enlarged breasts. Enlarged breasts can also cause yeast infections or persistent spots beneath the breasts, where natural skin oils and sweat are rubbed together between breast and torso. A breast reduction helps lessen this strain on the back, neck, and shoulders by redistributing and removing unnecessary weight and straightening the posture, also limiting the breasts’ ability to create skin irritations and friction lesions. This of course is not to mention that they help a patient feel more comfortable in their appearance.

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The health benefits of liposuction

Liposuction is a popular treatment for those who suffer with stubborn pockets of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. According to the same BAAPS survey, over 2,000 people (both men and women combined) opted for liposuction last year. While liposuction famously removes fat from problem areas such as the abdomen and thighs, it also boasts hidden health benefits that contribute to your heart’s function. Patients who opt for liposuction often find that their overall body weight goes down because of the fat removal, and this lowers the risk of potentially developing heart conditions. The less weight you carry, the less strain you put on your heart, therefore reducing the chances of potential heart attacks and strokes. Not dissimilar to this, people with less body weight also decrease high blood pressure, manage their cholesterol more efficiently, and put less strain on joints like the knees. The cherry on top of the liposuction cake is that often this sort of overall fat removal is the kick-start some patients need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and exercise more, maintaining their results for the best cost-effective outcome.

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Cosmetic surgery and mental health

While there are clearly plenty of unpublicised health benefits to cosmetic surgery procedures, there is no denying that opting for these surgeries because you simply would like them is valid. Cosmetic surgery could improve your mental health by helping you feel more comfortable, more confident, and more yourself in your own body. If, for example, you feel that your nose is impacting your social life or relationships, or enlarged breasts are making you appear larger in body than you really are, then cosmetic surgery is an entirely understandable choice. Boosting your own self-confidence and body image is reason enough to consider cosmetic surgery if you believe you could benefit from it, and the health benefits are an added and gilded bonus.

When considering cosmetic surgery, always research your procedure and surgeons to ensure that you will be receiving the safest and highest quality treatment. Here at the Cosmetic Surgery Partners, we boast a skilled and professional team of surgeons with experience and specialisms in many different areas. Enquire online or speak to a member of our friendly team on 0207 486 6778 to find out what we could do for you.

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