Face Lift Surgery vs Non-Surgical Fillers

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Face Lift Surgery vs Non Surgical Fillers

Filler vs Face surgery – why only a facelift will give lasting results

With the rise of non-surgical aesthetics, surgical procedures have decreased over the last couple of years. While procedures for breast augmentation and breast reduction increased in 2017 (the former by 7% and the latter by 5%), facial surgery such as the facelift dropped by 44% and the brow lift by 31%.  Though increasing numbers of patients are favouring these temporary solutions to the signs of ageing, falling skin, and altered facial structure, there is a definite comparison to be made between treatments found in a syringe and those carried out under surgical supervision.


The drawbacks of dermal fillers and injectable treatments

Dermal fillers have been in vogue for the past few years, soaring to mainstream popularity and availability on the backs of television personalities such as the Kardashians. Some felt this gave them a negative reputation, others valued it whole-heartedly. However, you came to hear of them, though, you’ll know that they are temporary. Dermal fillers are an umbrella term for many different brands, but what these brands share is that they all use a gel-like substance that closely mirrors a naturally bodily substance known as hyaluronic acid. HA naturally occurs within the skin and is naturally broken down by the body over time, so naturally any injected dermal filler is also dissolved over time. Because its lifespan depends on the patient receiving it, some treatments only perform for 4 months before a top-up is required to maintain their prominence. Multiple treatments are often needed to ‘build up’ to the desired results, creating price instalments that steadily and reliably creep up, up, up. This pseudo-subscription to repeated treatments every 6 months or so requires constant maintenance and financial investment for only temporary results. Even treatments with botulinum toxin, or Botox, are temporary and last for around 3 – 6 months depending on your constitution, leaving the door wide open for repeated treatments. Surely there has to be a better way to improve how you feel about your face?


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Surgical face lift vs. ‘liquid face lift’

The first surgical face lift was performed in 1916 by German surgeon Erich Lexer, one of the honorary advisers to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. Obviously since this time the surgical education, techniques, and altogether procedure has spun into many advancements both in safety and results. The surgical face lift offers permanent results in lifting sagging or falling skin, tautening facial folds, and altogether providing a more youthful appearance. We know that, in general, patients may find the term ‘surgery’ a little intimidating, which is why we offer a buddy system. This involves putting you in touch with a previous patient who has undergone the same procedure you are considering so that you can hear first-hand how they found their experience with us. A surgical face lift is a far more permanent solution, and therefore a more cost-effective solution, to a dermal filler treatment that has come to be known as the ‘liquid face lift’. This treatment involves injecting dermal filler at 8 different points of the face to fill the falling tissue, but of course filler has its drawbacks. Naturally broken down by the body, these points will need maintenance appointments every 3-6 months. It is not recommended that anyone under the age of 40 receive face lift surgery because the skin typically doesn’t require this kind of procedure. When changes within the skin due to the ageing process do start to become prominent, though, a surgical face lift is a treatment that exacts greater change than simple dermal fillers. Many of our patients prefer a surgical face lift in London to dermal fillers because of how cost-effective the former is in comparison to constant tweaks and top-ups.


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Surgical brow lift vs. the ‘Botox brow lift’

Temporary brow lifts are performed regularly by aesthetic professionals, including our own surgeons, using botulinum toxin, but which is the preferable treatment option? We can’t make this decision for you, but in terms of longevity of results and overall cost-effectivity, we find the surgical brow lift superior to the Botox brow lift. In much the same vein as treatments with dermal fillers, Botox is merely a temporary solution to a part of facial anatomy that will revert back to its normal yet undesirable state after the treatment wears off. Toxin injections typically last between 3-6 months, after which further appointments are needed to maintain these results. One of the main reasons that some patients shy away from face lift surgery is because they worry, they will be left with a windswept or perpetually surprised uplifted brow. This might be a realistic concern should you entrust a less capable surgeon with your surgery, however our team of skilled surgeons are pioneers in minimally invasive, discrete, and natural-looking surgical solutions. There will be no tell-tale signs of surgery or permanently and unnaturally arched eyebrows when our team are involved.


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Rhinoplasty vs. the ‘non-surgical nose job’

The non-surgical nose job, or the liquid nose job, is an off-label use of dermal fillers for smoothing bumps and ridges in the bridge of the nose. This is all well and good however, it is an off-label use and dermal fillers are not yet FDA approved for this area. As well as being accompanied by the usual drawbacks of dermal fillers, those being their temporary nature and need for regular top-ups, they simply haven’t been recognised or tested by a reputable regulatory body yet. As surgical professionals, we strongly advise the surgical nose job, or rhinoplasty, because we can be in total control of your procedure and monitor your safety whilst doing so. Many patients who consider a nose job have had issues with their nose since childhood or puberty, leading to them disliking their face and longing to change some aspect of it. Whether you have been bullied because of your nose, an unfortunate accident broke it, hereditary shaping, or you simply aren’t happy with it, you’re likely seeking long-lasting and permanent results so that you may feel confident in your appearance. Patients seeking this real confidence boosting change usually find that the liquid nose job is far too short-lived, and that its surgical big sister provides the permanent change they need to feel better in themselves.

Considering surgery is one step but committing to it might seem daunting for some. We completely understand this, which is why we offer empathetic and confidential consultations so that you may learn of your procedure from the professionals. Receive all the answers to your questions and honest advice from our esteemed team of surgeons at Cosmetic Surgery Partners London today. Enquire online or speak to a friendly member of staff on 0207 486 6778 to book your initial consult.


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