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May 15
The different kinds of surgery – Cosmetic vs plastic vs reconstructive

Considering a procedure for yourself can be daunting if this is your first…

Apr 21
Miles Berry is speaking at the Fourth International Breast Surgery Workshop

  On Friday 17th and Saturday 18th April, the stunning city of Rome will be…

Apr 21
Labiaplasty advice from expert Cosmetic Surgeons

The real reason women have labiaplasty surgery Recently on the Mail Online, our expert…

Apr 21
Fat transfers, nature & the nurturing role of female fat

Recent work brought to a wider audience some interesting research undertaken by a team…

Apr 21
Cosmetic surgery should be done by specialist surgeons

  The BBC’s article about who should be performing Cosmetic…

Apr 21
Miles Berry gets Bupa consultant recognition

Undergoing cosmetic surgery is always a big decision, no matter what the procedure is.…

Apr 21
Katie Price to have boob job number 7

Reveal Magazine features Katie Price’s plans to have a seventh boob job! 36 year old…

Apr 21
What is breast augmentation

  Last month we spoke about breast surgery, giving you our top tips for choosing…

Apr 21
Cosmetic Surgeon Mr Miles Berry breast cancer awareness month feature

Last month was Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign that involves…

Apr 21
The morphing face of Renée Zellweger expert cosmetic surgeon analyses evidence

Our surgeon Mr Miles Berry comments upon the less-than-subtle facial change of Renée…

Apr 21
4 top tips for choosing the right surgeon for your new boobs

  Breast enhancements have always been one of the most popular cosmetic surgery…

Apr 21
How do cultural attitudes to nose jobs change globally

Given attitudes to cosmetic surgery here in the UK, it’s easy to forget that in…

Apr 21
UK Surgeon Mr Miles Berry on Chloe Sim’s Buttock Implants

UK Surgeon Miles Berry appears on an episode of ITV’S hit TV show TOWIE!  It’s not…

Apr 21
Chloe Sims Breast Augmentation surgery with UK cosmetic surgeon Mr Miles Berry

When you think of ITV’s TOWIE reality star Chloe Sims, cosmetic surgery comes into…

Apr 21
Lip filler with no injections necessary is it real? Miles Berry comments

Fuller lips in 2 weeks with no needles necessary but is it fact or fad surgeon Miles…

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We have constructed patient guidance. It has been based on best-practice guidelines from a variety of professional bodies and serves as a step-by-step pathway with your safety as our prime concern.

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