Find the best cosmetic surgeon in London

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Find the best cosmetic surgeon in London


If you’re considering undergoing any form of cosmetic surgery, it isn’t a decision you should take lightly. First and foremost, you must consider your health and the magnitude of the procedure you are thinking of having, as well as being sure that the cosmetic surgeon you choose to carry out the procedure is right for you.

There are a variety of aspects you should consider before choosing to undergo cosmetic surgery, and below we’ve listed some of the most important ones to ensure you make an informed choice.

Do Your Research

Cosmetic surgery isn’t something you should enter into without all the facts, so make sure you research your desired procedure and visit surgical clinics and hospitals with surgeons who carry out the specific treatments. At this research stage it is imperative that you check the qualifications and experience of the surgeons on top of questioning them on how often they carry out the particular procedure you need, what after-care they provide and how much it will cost. It’s also important to choose a clinic that’s close to your home to cut down on travel after your operation.

Be sure to also check that the surgeon and other medical staff are registered with the General Medical Council and that the clinic, hospital, or company carrying out the service are also registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

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Book a Consultation

Whichever clinic you decide to go with you should always make sure you have a consultation with the surgeon who will be carrying out your operation. This allows you to discuss your issues and reasons for wanting surgery as well as asking for advice on treatment options and information relating to the process.

The surgeon will provide you with information on exactly what the procedure involves, including:

– How long the procedure will take

– The anaesthetic you will need

– The level of pain you should expect to experience post-surgery and how to manage it

– What the outcome of the surgery should be and how long the effects will last

– The typical length of recovery – this will vary depending on the type of procedures and individual patients

The surgeon’s role in the consultation is to advise patients on the cosmetic surgery options available to them and provide them with all the necessary information relating to the procedure. This will allow you to make a fully informed decision.

It’s important that you never feel pressurised into having the surgery or forced into making a quick decision, so if you do feel uneasy at any point it’s likely that this isn’t the surgeon for you and you should look elsewhere for someone more suitable.

At Cosmetic Surgery Partners we offer a chance to have a virtual consultation via Skype or Facetime find out more here.

Don’t Be Driven By Price

No doubt that price is an important factor when it comes to choosing the right cosmetic surgeon to carry out your surgical procedure, but it should not sway your decision – it’s important to remember that this is your health and appearance you will be altering and subpar treatments will have a huge effect on you.

There are numerous clinics abroad which offer very attractive prices and savings in comparison to the UK, but they do have different qualifications and regulations so it might not meet the same standards as the UK. Price definitely isn’t the most important factor to consider here, your health is. We wrote this article which explains the advantages of not going abroad and having cosmetic surgery in the UK

Whatever procedure you’re considering having, it’s important to ask yourself some key questions beforehand including:

– Do I fully understand what is going to be done to me?

– Do I have a realistic expectation of the results of the surgery?

By asking yourself these questions and conducting thorough research, you should be in the best position to choose the right cosmetic surgeon to carry out your operation.

If you’d like to know more about cosmetic surgery and the options available to you, why not speak to our expert team Cosmetic Surgery Partners on 020 7486 6778 our fully qualified and professional team will be happy to help. You can also use the link below to book a consultation with our cosmetic surgeons in London. Remember it’s not about lucky, it’s about being educated.

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