Cosmetic Surgery with minimal scars

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Cosmetic Surgery with minimal scars

Scarring is an inevitable side effect of all surgery including cosmetic surgery. It is part of the skin’s natural healing process, but there’s a great deal that can be done to keep scarring to a minimum in locations which are discreet or even hidden. The healing process itself can also be supported with the correct post-operative care.

Of course, all scars fade over time even though they don’t disappear entirely. One of the major benefits of elective cosmetic surgery in terms of scarring is that expert pre-operative planning means scars can be placed in the most inconspicuous of positions. Patients know exactly where the scar is going to be, although it’s important to bear in mind that each individual’s skin-healing response is different.

A good cosmetic surgeon will always any ensure that incisions are as discreet as possible. Incisions will also be smooth as this type of scarring is less unsightly and tends to be smaller than jagged incisions.


Cosmetic Surgery Partners’ London team is expert in keeping scarring to a minimum

Our specialist London team of consultant cosmetic surgeons is highly experienced in creating the smallest possible incisions so that scarring is difficult to detect. We are also experts in carefully concealing scarring in locations where it is virtually unnoticeable.

This skill is invaluable to our patients and is the result of extensive experience and expertise in cosmetic surgery procedures. As industry leaders, we have pioneered many of our field’s most advanced procedures that have transformed the way cosmetic surgery is performed. From our London-based clinic, we perform all surgery in ways to hide and minimise scarring including:

Facial surgery using minimal incisions including blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), brow lift surgery, face lift surgery and neck lift surgery.

Nose jobs (rhinoplasty) where in some cases it’s possible to create all incisions within the nostril.

Vaser liposuction surgery is based on very small incisions for less noticeable scarring.

For breast augmentation (breast enlargement), the smallest of incisions are made in places that are barely visible.

Mini arm lift to remove excess skin around the upper arms with scarring hidden in the armpits.

Medial thigh lift to sculpt the thigh area with scarring concealed in the groin.

Labiaplasty reduces or reshapes the size of the labia minora (the flaps either side of the vaginal opening). Our gold-standard technique is not performed by all surgeons and ensures hidden scars amongst other benefits.

It’s even possible for our consultant cosmetic surgeons to remove or minimise obvious scarring, for example a caesarean section scar when performing tummy tuck surgery (abdominoplasty).


Post-operative scar care at Cosmetic Surgery Partners

At Cosmetic Surgery Partners’ London clinic and hospital, our expert consultant cosmetic surgeons plan and perform surgical procedures meticulously to minimise and conceal scarring. However, aftercare also plays an important role. Our patients benefit from highly comprehensive aftercare that’s designed for each individual and accommodates the initial and longer-term recovery process including scar healing.

After surgery, it’s important to look after your wound by carefully following all guidelines on changing your dressing and keeping the area clean. Activity should be kept to a minimum to avoid any pulling of the skin around the incision. You may need to wear support garments after certain procedures such as breast augmentation, thigh lift surgery and arm lift surgery. Creams and silicone tape can also be used to help promote scar healing.


Lifestyle factors and scar healing

Living a healthy lifestyle can really help to support your body’s recovery and scar-healing process. Stopping smoking is very important as smoking affects the levels of oxygen reaching the wound. This slows down white blood cells’ ability to heal and increases the risk of infection.

A healthy diet rich in iron, zinc and vitamin C will also help your body to heal after surgery. Being overweight affects the body’s natural healing process and can slow healing down. It’s also important to avoid exposing scarring to the sun during the first 6 to 12 months after surgery as the scar may darken.


Expert Surgeon Mr Miles Berry of London Cosmetic Surgery Partners


Specialist area of expertise

At Cosmetic Surgery Partners’ London clinic, we have a wealth of experience in performing advanced cosmetic surgery procedures with minimal scarring that’s often hidden or strategically placed to be as inconspicuous as possible. Our high-quality and comprehensive aftercare also ensures that scar healing is fully promoted to optimise results.

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