Is breast reduction surgery right for me?

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Is breast reduction surgery right for me


Breast reduction surgery has always been a popular procedure in the UK, coming in fourth in the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures of 2014. Last year, 5,528 people underwent the procedure, a 1% increase in the figures from 2013, showing that there is a steady, constant demand from people wishing to reduce the size of their breasts. But what is it that causes people to seek out breast reduction surgery, what benefits does it offer, and how do you know if it’s the right solution for you?

Why get breast reduction surgery?

Thousands of people seek out breast reduction surgery each year, with the intention of reducing the size, weight and volume of their breasts. The decision making process is not always this straight forward, however. There can be any number of different reasons why people would want to reduce their size of their breasts.

Many women will experience physical pain due to their large breasts, especially if they have a lighter frame – but women of all shapes and sizes can suffer from pain due to large breasts. Women with large breasts can experience neck pain, aches or shooting pains in their backs, migraines and even numbness in their fingers. In turn, this can be detrimental to weight loss efforts, as large breasts can limit the amount of exercise and physical activity women feel able to do.

Women with large breasts can also sometimes suffer from skin conditions, especially in the folds underneath the breasts. Because these areas are difficult to keep dry, the chance of infection, irritation or developing a rash is increased.

For many women, the main problem caused by large breasts is a psychological one. Often, women may feel as though their large breasts are out of proportion in comparison to their rest of their body, causing them to feel self-conscious and less confident in their image.

What benefits do you get from breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery works by removing skin and tissue from the breasts, which in turn helps to reduce their size, shape and volume. After undergoing the procedure, women will start to feel noticeably more comfortable, experiencing less pain and physical discomfort. They will also be able to participate in more sports and other physical activities that they couldn’t previously. They will notice their posture increasing, and will start to feel more confident in themselves, due to achieving their desired appearance.

How do you know if breast reduction surgery is right for you?

If you’ve experienced any of the issues we’ve raised in this post, or any other problems we haven’t discussed, or maybe you just feel your large breasts are having a negative effect on your life, then breast reduction surgery could be the right solution for you. Cosmetic surgery is not something which should be rushed into, however, it’s always best to speak to an expert before making a decision.

If you’re considering breast reduction surgery, get in touch with our expert team for help and advice, or book a consultation today.

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