Most Popular Cosmetic Procedures for Men

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Most Popular Cosmetic Procedures for Men


Many men who end up in a plastic surgeon’s chair at Cosmetic Surgery Partners complain that although they are exercising well and enjoying a healthy lifestyle they still don’t look or feel as good as they want to. And whilst there has been a sort of taboo surrounding men and cosmetic procedures in the past, it is becoming much more common for men to go under the knife to fix any issues they may feel they have. Below we discuss some of the more popular choices amongst men when it comes to cosmetic surgery procedures.

Gynaecomastia Surgery

The abnormal enlargement of male breast tissue can affect up to 60% of men and can be an extremely embarrassing condition, so it’s easy to see why many men turn to surgery to fix this problem. In some cases, liposuction can help to suck away some of the fat, but it can often reappear over time. The best option would usually be gynaecomastia (male chest reduction surgery) or in combination with liposuction.


This is one of the most common cosmetic procedures for men, rhinoplasty can involve reshaping the bridge of the nose, the tip or the whole profile. Occasionally men will want to have a bump removed, whilst others want a dramatically different nose. Rhinoplasty gives men an opportunity to subtly change their appearance and alter any problems they feel they have arisen from breaking their nose during sports or just being unhappy with their appearance.

Eyelid surgery

According the BAAPS (British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) ‘tweaked not tucked’ appears to be the new aesthetic ideal, as the demand for subtle, understated anti-aging procedures continue to grow.  Eyelid surgery can offer men a more youthful look without a need for dramatic surgery. It works to remove excess skin and tissue around the eyelids as well as providing a relatively simple, safe and quick way to remove ‘eye bags’, or excess skin and fat.


This has become a popular procedure amongst men who want to get rid of excess fat, as well as amongst those who are looking to highlight muscle definition by decreasing their body fat percentage. Liposuction works to remove fat tissue from the body in areas including the abdomen, buttocks and thighs. As one of the most popular cosmetic procedures we undertake at Cosmetic Surgery Partners we have performed hundreds of successful operations on both men and women.

At Cosmetic Surgery Partners our elite surgical team are fully UK trained and qualified, we understand that for men looking to undertake a surgical procedure it can be a difficult choice to fully commit to, it’s important to be confident that you’re making the right decision to alter your body for you.
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