Lindsey Silker

Aesthetic Nurse

Lindsey is highly knowledgeable and enthusiastic about skin care, she administers a range of non-surgical treatments and is an expert on skin rejuvenation.



If you have ever visited our practice you may remember the friendly face of our clinic nurse Lindsey Silker. She is with our patients throughout the entire journey, from the initial preparations for your surgical procedure, all the way through to taking care of your needs post operatively. Her daily routines include checking patients are ready and fit for surgery, and checking patients are recovering well after surgery. Lindsey has full knowledge of all the cosmetic surgery procedures, so if patients have any last minute questions or indeed questions arising post-surgery, Lindsey is on hand to share her expert knowledge and put you at ease. 

She also helps patients get back to their normal daily routines by explaining and teaching the ‘skin camouflage’ technique. This is a clever way of hiding any kind of bruising and swelling which you may have after surgery. Most patients don’t want to give away any signs that they have had any cosmetic surgery performed, in which case skin camouflage is a perfect solution. 

Lindsey also administers a range of non-surgical treatments and is an expert on skin care and rejuvenation. If you are interested to find out just how well your skin is doing in the ageing process, and would like more information on how best to look after you skin, you should book a free skin care consultation


Free skin care consultation with clinic nurse Lindsey

Lindsey is highly knowledgeable and enthusiastic about skin care. Using state of the art computer aided imagining technology, she can analyse your skin against a database of people who are your same age and sex to give you a truly measurable performance scale of how well your skin is performing. Based on the results of this consultation, Lindsey will advise you of the best treatments and methods of looking after your skin. We at Cosmetic Surgery Partners are very privileged to have the Visia facial skin analysis machine. Not many clinics have this technology, and though we realise that real human judgement can’t be replaced by computer software, we acknowledge that this computer aided skin analysis combined with Lindsey’s expert knowledge of the skin care goes a long way! 

To read more about the skin care consultation and the Visia skin analysis machine click here.

To book a consultation with nurse Lindsey please click here.

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