Non-Surgical Alternatives to Breast Surgery

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Non Surgical Alternatives to Breast Surgery

Do Non-Surgical Breast Procedures Actually Work?

With increasing pressures to remain young and youthful looking it’s no wonder there are a plethora of procedures available to the prospective patient. It’s not all about going under the knife either; there is a whole range of serums, lotions and other non-surgical treatments available on the market. However as our cosmetic surgeons will truthfully tell you; not all things are equal in the department of effectiveness.

The anti-ageing industry is booming, becoming increasingly popular year after year. With the high demand of wanting to reverse both the effects of time and gravity, there are constantly new products on the market, always claiming to be more beneficial than the last. The latest focus of said industry; Breasts.


Are there any non-surgical alternatives to breast surgery?

To put it bluntly there is no good alternative to address the ageing look of saggy, low volume breasts other than breast surgery. By the same theorem that there is no cream or potion which can enlarge breasts one should easily deduce there is no such magical cream which can tighten the skin & lift the breast up, which in turn is usually the feature that gives the ageing game away.

A recent article in the Daily Mail (femail Magazine) looks at some products designed to provide a non-surgical solution to address the issue of ageing looking breasts, they asked the expert opinion of cosmetic surgeon Mr Miles Berry MS FRCS (Plast) to ask whether there really could be a good non-surgical alternative to breast surgery.

With an ageing population battling to keep hold of their youthful looks, our expert surgeon Miles Berry speaks out in the Daily Mail about whether non-surgical breast procedures can really stop your breasts heading south.


Turn back the clock on your cleavage

Miles Berry passes verdict on a number non-surgical alternative to breast surgery including the latest product; the ChestSavers Bra which claims to banish age revealing imperfections such as chest wrinkles and creases, erasing the present and preventing the future.  Offering support from both below and between the breasts, the way it functions is simple, but does it actually work?

To read the full article and to get Miles’ opinion on Vampire Breast Lifts, Botox injections in the chest area, The Firming Bra, the Wellness Breast KitUltherapy, Skinpep, IPL and Kush read the full article on the Mail Online please click here 

Mr Miles Berry is co-author of The Good Boob Bible, available to buy at Amazon 

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