UK Surgeon Mr Miles Berry on Chloe Sim’s Buttock Implants

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UK Surgeon Miles Berry appears on an episode of ITV’S hit TV show TOWIE!

It’s not the first time that surgeon Miles Berry and scripted reality TV super star Chloe Sims crossed paths. Chloe Sims had her breast augmentation surgery performed by Cosmetic Surgery Partners surgeon Miles Berry. After receiving great advice and an even better result from Miles with her breast implants, it seemed like the best option to see him again for what began a series of many cosmetic surgery procedures…

Television personality and glamour model Chloe Sims not only wanted to make her boobs look bigger, but also her bum too! She is quoted saying “I must have the flattest arse in Essex”. Chloe first realized her so called flaw at 18 years of age after trying on a boob tube dress, which left her feeling insecure and boyish after being surrounded by girls with hourglass figures. Chloe took yet another visit to Cosmetic Surgery Partners to discuss with our surgeon Miles Berry the possibility of having bum implants, which would enhance her bum whilst giving it a natural look.

The consultation video clip featured in The Only Way is Essex is the actual consultation Chloe had with Miles at the Cosmetic Surgery Partners London clinic. As with every cosmetic surgery consultation, Miles explained the procedure with Chloe, whilst also mentioning that there would be no sitting down for two weeks after surgery. Chloe responded with quite a humorous reaction, and looked perplexed as to what people do when they can’t sit down for that amount of time! In order to get bum implants, or in scientific terms Gluteal implants (also known as ‘buttock implants’), implants or liquid-based fillers will be injected into the bum, costing around £5,000 a pair. It seems as though buttock implants are becoming popular in the celebrity world, and stars such as Heidi Montag, Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj have undergone the procedure. We suspect many more celebrities have had the procedure but with most of them being close lipped about the operation we can only speculate.

This once faddish celebrity cosmetic surgery trend is one that has now been accepted into the mainstream and is gaining momentum amongst the average Jane. One newspaper goes so far as to claim that Kim Kardashian alone has sparked a 484% rise in the number of buttock implant procedures performed in the past 2 years! So there you have it, you can squat till you are red in the face or you can do like Chloe Sims has done and take a short cut.

Buttock implants are also known as Gluteal implants but more commonly referred to as bum implants and the Brazilian butt lift procedure (BBL)

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