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Fears over Katie Price’s boob job in the Big Brother House!

Mostly recognised for her ever expanding chest, 36 year old glamour model Katie Price, has recently gone under the knife once again having had boob job number 7! After giving birth to her second child – daughter Bunny, in August, Katie says the pregnancy has had a negative effect on her renowned 34F breasts and claims her recent breast reduction surgery was a Christmas present to herself (note Katie did not have a typical breast reduction surgery, she actually changed her larger breast implants for smaller ones).

Katie believes her once famous assets became saggy, resulting in her wanting to make a change. Many patients we see at Cosmetic Surgery Partners book consultations with our surgeons for this very reason. Mothers report lost volume and bounce in their breasts post-breastfeeding their children. They seek breast augmentation as a means of restoring the youthful perkiness and fullness of their breast. You can check out our online patient case study section for one such patient, who booked with Cosmetic Surgery Partners for these very reasons.

Reveal discuss Katie’s recent Breast Implant Exchange

Celebrity Big Brother bosses feared that Katie would quit the show after opening up about the pain she is suffering due to her breast reduction.

Katie’s decision to go under the knife for her the 7th time is not something that our surgeons would recommend. The more operations you have, the more the risks increase. Breast implant exchange usually takes a lot longer than the previous breast surgery, and because of existing scar tissues and the influence of breast implants, the outcome is less predictable.

As with all procedures, complications can arise from the cosmetic surgery, or from the anaesthetic. Each individual that opts for any type of procedure must ensure they are happy and aware of the complications, and maintain realistic expectations of the results.

Cosmetic Surgeon Miles Berry offers his expert comment

Reveal magazine asked our surgeon Miles Berry what he would recommend if he were Katie’s doctor.

“I would advise her to take things slowly and gently at this time, repeat surgery always takes longer for the body to recover. It is perfectly normal for Katie to be complaining of pain six weeks after surgery, especially as this is her 7th time. If an infection sets in, there is a possibility of either losing the implant or it becoming septic generally. Should this happen, the scar may need packing and leaving open for a few days with intravenous antibiotics. “ – Mr Miles Berry MS, FRCS (Plast)

For more information about issues raised in the article we recommend you have a look at the following sections of the Cosmetic Surgery Partner’s website; implant exchange surgerybreast augmentation surgery & breast reduction surgery. For any further information including booking a consultation with surgeon Mr Miles Berry please feel free to call us on 0207 486 6778, our experienced staff will be able to help you!

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