Cosmetic Surgery – NHS vs Private – Infographic

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Cosmetic Surgery NHS vs Private Infographic

Cosmetic surgery in the year 2014 (soon to be 2015) continues to increase in popularity with both men and women. Patient figures are rising despite a global economic crisis. Surprisingly enough some of the worst affected socio-economic groupings are the ones who are spurring the rise in surgery figures. It would seem that the industry has reached a plateau where cosmetic surgery is no longer considered luxury expenditure or something only the rich can afford. It would seem in the present day and age people are more likely to save their money for boob job then invest in a bungalow.

NHS v Private: The big picture

Many people considering cosmetic surgery, despite their social or financial standing, will at some point ask themselves the question at hand… But what exactly are the differences between having your procedure with the NHS or going with a private clinic?

We decided to take a closer and the figures which reveal a very interesting and somewhat shocking truth. By no means are we speaking badly of the NHS, however if you were to ask most of our patients they would probably agree that they were glad to have gone private. For many obvious reasons if you have the choice it’s much better to go private.

Check out the below infographic for a more in-depth look.

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Cosmetic Surgery-Partners Infographic NHS vs Private UK

NHS v Private cosmetic surgery? Surgeon Mr Miles Berry makes comment

“Very interesting figures – One might be tempted to mention that the figure equates to nearly 1% of the NHS budget, which is frankly incredulous given that they are trying to save £20bn!

The other aspect is the research from last year, I think, showing that the chances of dying from surgery in the NHS increased throughout the week. Hence Monday good, but Friday bad, you cannot be sure when your appointment will be scheduled.

Finally, in an era of such uber-specialisation (upper and lower bowel anyone? – It’s the same tube btw!), do people really wish for the NHS burns or hand surgeon to be putting their ‘cosmetic hat’ on for the weekend?”

– Mr Miles Berry MS, FRCS (Plast) 2014

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