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Cosmetic surgery today is as much a part of life as is medical science perhaps. Women and men alike, flock to medical surgeons in the hope of keeping their youth. Justifiably, it gives them hope. In return, medical surgeons have cut out a niche for themselves in the money making and the ‘making people look younger’ business. All that said, there is need for consultation first and this is where people, the people hoping to look younger but still look like themselves, need to take heed.

Cosmetic surgery, irrespective of what the name suggests, is a science. Things could go horribly wrong if people do not consult the cosmetic surgeon first. A skin specialist, for example, will tell you whether to use a particular kind of skin treatment or not, depending on your requirement. Let us take the example of chemical peels. They’re the latest thing in the field of cosmetic surgery. These chemical peels make one look younger and more beautiful. There are many different kinds of chemical peels. Phenol, Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAS), and Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) are the three major ones.

These peels are used on the skin to make it smooth and wrinkle free, controls acne, removes blemishes and marks, and other problems related to facial skin. These peels are also used for the treatment of pre-cancerous skill cells. They claim to be able to control the growth of cancer cells in the facial skin. At the basic level of this treatment, AHAS such as fruit acid, Lactic, or Glycolic acid is used to make the skin look brighter and smoother. Results are visible in a short period of time.  Treatment with TCA is a longer treatment and may take several visits to your cosmetic expert. It is used in various concentrations depending on the severity of the problem. In most cases, the concentration is moderate. TCA removes wrinkles and blemishes on the face and fights pigmentation.

Treatment with Phenol, however, is the most effective and time consuming. It is very strong and is used primarily for pre-cancerous skin growth and blotchy and coarse facial skin. Phenol should not be used on the neck because it may cause scarring. Here is where consultation with your cosmetic advisor or skin specialist comes in. These chemicals are used to restore the beauty and youth of human skin. However, to avoid mishaps, consultation prior to the treatment is strongly recommended.

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