Nipple reduction surgery in the quest for perfect breasts our UK cosmetic surgeon comments

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Lateysha Grace at Cosmetic Surgery Partners London with Mr Miles Berry

Nipple reduction surgery is on the rise for women on the quest for perfect breasts, our cosmetic surgeon Mr Miles Berry comments in an article on the Mail Online

Many women are turning to cosmetic surgery in order to achieve the perfect breasts. For some women it’s a case of breast enlargement or breast reduction, others opt for breast augmentation which means implants are inserted to achieve a fuller shape in order to replace lack of volume, which is common after breast feeding. However, in some cases women are happy with the shape of their breasts but the problem are the nipples.

Expert Surgeon Mr Miles Berry of London Cosmetic Surgery Partners
Our UK expert breast surgeon Mr Miles Berry MS, FRCS (Plast)) has in depth knowledge on the matter after performing numerous successful nipple correction surgeries. He famously performed a much needed (from the patient’s point of view) nipple reduction surgery on celebrity reality TV superstar Lateysha Grace (of MTV’s The Valleys fame). At the time of this article on the Mail Online Lateysha was still considering having the surgery performed, but now that she’s had the operation she couldn’t be happier! (see a screen shot from her personal Twitter account below)

Lateysha Grace Tweet about Cosmetic Surgery Partners London Miles Berry

As the article states, for some people loss of nipple sensation can be a particular cause for concern with this type of surgery, however with many people the aesthetic look far outweighs the lack of sensation.

However, a loss of sensation isn’t the main issue with this type of surgery.

Miles Berry, co-author of The Good Boob Bible explains: ‘If too much skin is removed, scars can stretch so expectations are a key part of preoperative discussions.

‘However, I feel the trend is growing and results are usually very good, if the above points are taken into consideration.’

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If you would like to discuss this kind of surgery in person we suggest you book a no obligation consultation with Mr Miles Berry himself, we also have other expert surgeons with many years of experience who can help you with this matter. Give us a call today, our experienced nurses and staff are on hand to answer any questions you may have, give us a call if you are not sure on 0207 486 6778.

Lateysha Grace at Cosmetic Surgery Partners London with Mr Miles Berry

Above UK Surgeon Miles Berry posing with Lateysha Grace

There are two main types of nipple augmentation or areola correction surgery;

Inverted nipple correction – This is when the nipple instead of pointing outwards is retracted into the breast, in most cases this operation can be performed as a day case under local anesthetic. As many as 10% of the UK population have this condition and most are born with inverted nipples, however there are other ways of developing inverted nipples (such as pregnancy)

Inverted nipple correction at Cosmetic Surgery Partners London

Nipple or areola reduction surgery – Some women (and men) are born with nipples which are proportionately very large in comparison to the size of the breast. Some will opt to have nipple reduction surgery to reduce the size of the areola. In most cases this operation can be performed under a day case under local anesthetic.

nipple reduction before after photo

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