UK Surgeon Mr Nick Percival FRCS of Cosmetic Surgery Partners featured in Botched Up Bodies Season 2

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Nick Percival featured on this summer’s series of Botched Up Bodies. The acclaimed Channel 5 cosmetic surgery series was back for a second series and followed Britain’s top plastic surgeons as they work to put what’s wrong, right.

The acclaimed Channel 5 cosmetic surgery series, Botch Up Bodies is back for a second series to follow Britain’s top plastic surgeons as they work to put what’s wrong, right. Last year over 100,000 people in the UK were pricked, plumped, nipped and tucked – stumping up over 2.3 billion pounds in a bid to turn back the clock. But for an unfortunate 5% it’ll cost more than money, as they’ll end up with ‘Botched up Bodies’.

The first in the two-part documentary focuses on plastic surgeons at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London as they work to rectify the results of people’s cosmetic procedures. With exclusive behind the scenes access, we meet the people whose bodies have been botched up and we’ll follow the hero surgeons whose job it is to fix the problems, finally giving these people the bums and boobs, faces and tums they’ve always wanted.

With bargain basement cosmetic surgery and high street fillers comes and even greater risk that something will go wrong and it’s down to these surgeons, through the NHS as well as private, to correct these problems. With no guarantee that the NHS can help those in need of corrective surgery unless it’s an emergency, this documentary highlights the great work undertaken by the Chelsea & Westminster cosmetic heroes and those who are left to deal with their Botched Up Bodies.

Mr Nick Percival is not only one of the country’s most renowned Plastic Surgeons, but he also trains selected cosmetic surgeons on his specialties. Nick is well known for his long experience in the use of lasers in both facial disfigurement and cosmetic surgery, and has lectured widely both in the United Kingdom and abroad. Mr Percival has extensive experience in facial surgery and cosmetic surgery including the MACS lift, breast augmentation/reduction as well as abdominal reduction and liposuction. He has been involved in the teaching of trainee plastic surgeons in Reconstructive Plastic Surgery within the health service and Cosmetic Surgery in the private sector.

Mr Percival is a member of the British Association of Plastic Surgeons (BAPS) and is a serving member of the council of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (BAAPS).He undertakes a wide range of cosmetic surgery procedures including breast augmentation, body contouring, rhinoplasty and facial rejuvenation surgery. He is one of a growing breed of new surgeons who believe in a more holistic approach to facial rejuvenation, using combinations of surgical and minimally invasive techniques which produce more comprehensive and more sophisticated results.

Nick has a particular interest in modern face-lifting techniques, including endoscopic brow lift, tranconjunctival and laser blepharoplasty, and was one of the first surgeons in the United Kingdom to undertake the new Minimally Invasive (MACS) face-lifting technique. He travels regularly to the USA and Europe to keep at the cutting edge of the specialty and has developed a couture approach to facial rejuvenation, employing differing SMAS procedures, short scar operations and volumetric techniques, to produce a result tailored to the individual.

Below we have video clips from Nick appearing on the hit TV series.

Video clip from the hit TV Series “Botched Up Bodies”, Season 2 episode 3 (produced for channel 5 TV)

“Nick Percival has to fix the breast implants that never were, after 26-year-old Rachael Dallimore from Bolton paid £5000 for breast uplift surgery and implants but ended up with horrific scarring and nothing else.”

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