‘Super Boob Jobs’ are the new trend in Cosmetic Surgery

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Cosmetic Surgery trend ‘Super Boob Jobs,’ a demand for bigger implants rises but looking natural is the key to patient satisfaction

Our UK surgeon and expert on Breast surgery Mr Miles Berry MS, FRCS (Plast) was recently asked to make a comment on the new trend in UK breast surgery, where women want to increase their breast size at least 4 cup sizes yet still want to retain a natural looking breast shape.

According to the article ‘bigger is better’, and most women expect that when performing breast augmentation surgery, an increase of 4 cups is the way forward. The number of women requesting such an operation has doubled in the past three years. The latest figures collated from one leading breast implant manufacturer states that the percentage of women asking for larger implants has gone up by 5% since 2010.

However for most patients, their biggest fear is ending up with a pair of breasts that resemble the ‘Jordan bolt-on’ look. Most women opting for breast surgery would prefer to have a more subtle, natural look, one which is almost undetectable to the unknowing eye.

Miles Berry, cosmetic surgeon and author of the The Good Boob Bible, says: ‘Women come in clutching pictures of celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and say they want a similar look. They are emphatic that they don’t want to look like Jordan or Pamela Anderson. Victoria epitomizes the more subtle ‘have-I haven’t-I look, women want bigger, more pert breasts, but they don’t necessarily want people to know they’ve had something done. The majority of my patients are slightly older women who have had babies.’

Breast surgery is still the most commonly performed surgery in the UK, with an average of 10,000 or so operations being performed each year in the UK.

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