Miles Berry gets Bupa consultant recognition

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Miles Berry gets Bupa consultant recognition

Undergoing cosmetic surgery is always a big decision, no matter what the procedure is. Due of the seriousness of cosmetic surgery it is perfectly natural to only want to be operated on by the best surgeons employing the highest standards of practice. When deciding on a cosmetic surgery clinic it very important NOT to be taken in by the glossiness of the presentation. What you want to do is to research the substance behind the style. Accreditations from official governing bodies are one way to go about deciding on a surgeon. Also it is important to consider that not all awards and prizes are of equal measure. However there are establishments that you can trust without question, this is because their selection process is so rigorous and effort is maintained to have frequent performance reviews and audits.

That’s why at Cosmetic Surgery Partners we’re proud to list our consultant’s and surgeon’s various achievements, which they have worked tirelessly to achieve! So we’re thrilled to announce that our very own Miles Berry has just received consultant recognition from Bupa.

Being recognised by Bupa is seen as one of the highest possible medical accreditations, with the official Bupa site stating:

“Bupa recognition is a core quality marker from which our customers can be reassured that they are getting access to quality healthcare, and that the doctors who treat them are competent and experts in their field. It exists because the only requirement for doctors to practise private medicine in the UK is a GMC Licence to Practise, which can be awarded for European equivalent qualifications without any language or competency test. Bupa recognition is built on a uniform set of criteria in line with legal and regulatory requirements to practise in the UK.”

Achieving Bupa consultant recognition is no easy feat, and this is something that distinguishes Cosmetic Surgery Partners’ surgeons from the crowd. The majority of surgeons working at commercial clinics don’t tick the right boxes, so are unable to attain Bupa recognition.

The range of different criteria which need to be met by a consultant in order to be considered include:

– They must hold or have held an NHS Consultant appointment.

– They must be on the GMC/General Dental Council (GDC) Specialist Register.

– They must hold a GMC Licence to Practise.

– They must hold a Certificate of Completion of Medical Training.

– They must hold personal Professional Indemnity Insurance for private practice.

Once all of these criteria have been met, applicants are required to undergo numerous reviews and provide numerous references before they can achieve recognition. The entire process can often take months and months. Once a consultant is recognised, Bupa will continue to perform regular reviews, to ensure that they are maintaining the highest standards possible, and can revoke the recognition if they feel these standards are not being met.

So, we’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate Miles on achieving his Bupa consultant recognition, and are sure he will continue to provide impeccable care to each and every patient he deals with.

On a further note we realise that all these various accreditations and endorsements can be confusing to the unknowing patient and as such we’ve created a video which should help you to understand why you should research your surgeon and what kind of questions you should ask before your surgery. At Cosmetic Surgery Partners we are proud to announce that all of our surgeons are accredited by the most esteemed governing bodies and Bupa is yet another string in our already finely tuned bow.

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