Cosmetic Surgeon Mr Miles Berry breast cancer awareness month feature

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Cosmetic Surgeon Mr Miles Berry breast cancer awareness month feature

Last month was Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign that involves thousands of organisations worldwide to raise awareness of the condition. Although most people are aware of breast cancer as a whole, many women are unaware of how to detect the disease and catch it whilst it’s in the early stages of developing.

Many campaigns to help raise awareness were run throughout October, for example ‘Dress Down Fridays’, a day where people were encouraged to dress head to toe in pink coloured clothing in return for a £2 donation from everyone. Other ways of raising awareness and funds throughout the month included sponsored head shaves, skydiving, runs and many more.

As Breast Cancer Awareness Month drew to a close, The Lady Magazine featured an article on ‘The Good Boob Bible’, written by Miles Berry and Dai Davies of Cosmetic Surgery Partners.  The book tailors to every woman’s differing qualms, which is important, since no one operation fits all. The Good Boob Bible provides a wealth of information, coupled with their personal experiences, to bring together all of the relevant aspects of breast augmentation in an informative, readable, and current source of reference for prospective patients.

‘The Good Boob Bible’ related to Breast Cancer Awareness Month due to the amount of women and even men undergoing reconstructive surgery after recovering from breast cancer. The article in The Lady Magazine gives an insight into ‘The Good Boob Bible’, including sections on the different breast implants available, getting to know your breasts and preparing for surgery.

Miles Berry is an expert breast surgeon, his achievements and dedication in the field of breast surgery is what sets him miles ahead of the average cosmetic surgeon. He has a long term track record of many successful breast operations, including a number of high profile celebrity breast surgeries. More poignantly he has contributed to the medical society by having a number of scientific papers published in esteemed medical journals, including ones on the topic of breast cancer. You may also remember a previous feature where Miles famously rebuilt ex-cancer patient’s breast and nipple using a combination of breast surgery techniques and a fat transfer from her thigh!

All these things make Miles a strong authority on the subject, it is therefore no wonder The Lady Magazine turned to Miles during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, where he got a chance to talk about his recently published book; The Good Boob Bible.

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