Kerry Katona and Cosmetic Surgery

Posted by: Cosmetic Surgery Partners

Kerry Katona recently overhauled her body with a number of surgical procedures. Debuting a drastically different facial appearance as this article in Starnews mentions, leads some to believe she may have been enhancing her face with cosmetic surgery also.

Expert Surgeon Mr Miles Berry of London Cosmetic Surgery Partners

Cosmetic surgeon Mr Miles Berry, of Cosmetic Surgery Partners featured in this article comments “I think Kerry has had some work to the eye area. Her mid face, around the nasal base, seems fuller and I wonder if she may have had some filler, either hyaluronic acid or even a collagen bio-stimulator procedure, such as Sculptra. “She may also have had some Botox around the smile muscles. Her lips appear fuller, so filler has been used there too, in addition to the cheeks and cheekbones.”

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