Did Uma Thurman have Plastic Surgery?

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Did Uma Thurman have Plastic Surgery


Cosmetic Surgery and famous celebrities stepping out in radically altered versions of themselves seems to be a running theme in the land of showbiz goss of late. Just a few months back we had a drastically different Renee Zelwegger stepping out on the red carpet and now Uma Thurman has made the headlines for the same reasons.

Once again UK cosmetic surgeon Mr Miles Berry has been called in to offer his expert opinion in an article published in the Daily Express.

What cosmetic surgery did Uma Thurman have done?

Comparing present photos of Uma aged 44, to some older snaps Miles makes an initial assessment. There definitely seems to be some difference in the shape in her eyebrow region, suggesting either a Brow Lift or Blepharoplasty, a fitting procedure for a woman of her age.

There also appears to be some changes in the mid-facial area, however, it is probably nothing as drastic as a Rhinoplasty (nose job). Miles explains it’s more likely some form of dermal filler was used in her cheeks, giving the appearance of an augmented nose.

Lastly he points the finger at the lips. Is Uma hiding suggestions of lip filler with that dark shade of lipstick?

Here’s a quick rundown as to what our surgeon suggests A-list actress Uma Thurman might have had done in order to have achieved such a radical facial change;

Brow Lift Surgery –

Is a highly effective procedure, especially useful for patients whose problems cannot be addressed using non-surgical dermal fillers such as BotoxBrow lifts carry minimal complications, and is often the first step into surgery for people seeing the first signs of aging. It is particularly popular among the 40-60 year old age group. It aims reduce the signs of facial ageing by raising the eyebrows and reducing the frown lines.

Upper Eyelid Surgery –

Upper Eyelid surgery or more commonly referred to as Blepharoplasty addresses the signs of ageing commonly associated between the eye and under the eyebrow. As we age the skin loses elasticity as a result wrinkles, folds and bags appear. Blepharoplasty is a procedure in which the loose extra skin which forms on the upper eyelid is removed. In effect it reforms the upper eyelid and reveals more of the eye which gives a fresher, younger looking face.

Dermal Fillers –

There are many different types of dermal fillers available so it’s hard to determine exactly what kind of filler Uma Thurman might have had. When applied correctly dermal fillers can transform facial features and improve the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of ageing.

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