Top ten weird & wonderful plastic & cosmetic surgery 2014

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Top ten weird & wonderful plastic & cosmetic surgery 2014

Top 10 most outrageous cosmetic surgery stories of 2014

As with any given industry or field of work there is always that temptation to push a little bit further than your peers, people and cosmetic surgeons alike are getting more daring with the procedures they are undertaking. Certain cosmetic surgery procedures we have seen pop up over 2014 we wouldn’t have previously dreamed of happening, what’s more it’s only going to get more extreme in the year 2015. So as we close one chapter another is open.

Here is Cosmetic Surgery Partners look back at some of the more extreme, outrageous, weird and wacky cosmetic surgery news stories to pop up last year. As for 2015, you can keep updated by signing up to our newsletter, checking our news updates on social media but most notably for pinterest user out there check out our frequently updated boards on Cosmetic Surgery Partners Pinterest profile.


10. Teeth from Thailand, Breasts from Belgium?

Everyone was talking about… Cheap cosmetic surgery abroad… Before we go any further. Don’t, just simply don’t think about it, don’t do it! Read this article as to one great reason not to go abroad for cut price cosmetic surgery.

However this cheery sounding article makes light of situation, noting the top holiday destinations for cheap cosmetic surgery abroad. You have been warned as we’ve seen before; in most cases the risks far outweigh the benefits.

Full article on the Daily Mail website

9. Boob it like Beckham?

Oh David does your rugged beauty have no bounds? Another case of Beckham infatuation sweeps the nation as scores of men are reported asking for David’s perfect-almond-nips… Nipple surgery for me, yes, this really is a ‘thing’!

Full article on the Daily Mail website

8. #SELFIE for surgery

#SELFIE #MANIA #SWEEPINGTHENATIONANDINSPIRINGCOSMETICSURGERY The Metro reports there is a link in the rise of Cosmetic Surgery stats and the cultural phenomenon known as the “Selfie”. If you have no idea what a Selfie is try asking your children or someone under the age of 15 to get a full picture.

Full article on the Metro website

7. The Derriere movement

Bum Implants! Brazilian But lifts everywhere! There was so much talk of the deriere in 2014 you would have thought that Kim Kardashian sponsored it. Certainly no celeb has been famous for a rounder reason. The shocking truth was brought home as record number of patients suffered from botched newbie operators trying to cash in on the surgery fad. Including sadly ex-patient Latesyha Grace

Full article link on Cosmetic Surgery Partners website

6. It’s the wheels or the moobs, somethings got to go!

This teenager who sold his car in order to pay for his Gynaecomastia surgery! It is also worth noting that 2014 saw a big increase in the number of men going under the knife… Moobs are not to be tolerated in 2014 it would seem.

Full article on Daily Mail website

5. Just make sure the surgeon doesn’t turn into a pumpkin after midnight…

There were a number of scary sounding procedures coming to light in 2014, however the procedure dubbed ‘Cinderella Surgery’ is by far one of the most frightening. The procedures popularity said to be boosted by scores of women not being able to fit into ‘killer high heels’ as inspired by hit TV show ‘Sex and the City’, the solution? – Surgery!

FYI our surgeons DO NOT perform this procedure and probably never will!

Full article on the Daily Mail website

4. Tri-ing very hard to become a reality star!

This Lady! Who had a lot of people guessing for a long time… Wanabee MTV reality TV star ‘Jessica Tridevil’ shocks the world with her third breast… Real or not it did pose some interesting ethical questions in the cosmetic surgery community as this article below shows

Full article on the Fox News website

3. Iron the wrinkles, land the job!

We hear of graduates in China opting for Cosmetic Surgery to land their dream jobs! With record numbers graduating and increasingly dire job front could plastic surgery be the answer to securing your position in China?

2. Racial-swap

Brazilian man has cosmetic surgery to become Korean! There was A LOT of of stories of people having cosmetic surgery in order to look like someone else. Out of few celeb-a-like wannabees we had a Kim Kardashian and even a Justin Bieber… But this guy really pushes the boat out in what could be the first ever public case of trans-racial cosmetic surgery

1. Plastic Surgery for Pooches!

In at number one for being equal parts ludicrous and shocking is this guardian article about Plastic surgery for pets! We understand better than most that some plastic surgery procedures are equally beneficially physically as well as pleasing aesthetically…but…Neauticles anyone?

If you don’t know what that is and want to find out check out the link below.


And so that brings us to a round up, there were so many interesting and shocking stories to choose from but we feel as a whole this article sheds light on a bit of everything. Having said all that we wish you all a fantastic 2015, new year, new you? Only if you want to!

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