Cosmetic surgery is now more acceptable for men

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Cosmetic surgery is now more acceptable for men


With social lifestyles and constrictions becoming more and more permeable, the boundaries between what is acceptable for each gender are blurring. The beauty industry took a stance against ‘anti-aging’ in favour of ‘rejuvenation’, male skincare and grooming products boomed, and male cosmetic surgery and aesthetic treatments accounted for 1.3 million cosmetic surgeries in 2017 alone according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. It’s estimated that there are more men in the world than women, but cosmetic surgery is so often feminised, so why wouldn’t it stand to reason that men are likely to feel self-conscious about their perceived problem areas too?

In June 2017, the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) surveyed 618 men and found that 44% of them would have a treatment done to feel better about themselves. The climate around cosmetic surgery for men is changing for the better, as more and more male patients are recognising that feeling good about your appearance isn’t reserved purely for women and ‘living with’ something they see a as a flaw is not a rite of passage into masculinity.

Affectionately coined the ‘daddy do-over’, in spirit with the mommy makeover, or ‘man’tenance, male cosmetic surgery is more accessible and acceptable than ever. Here at Cosmetic Surgery Partners, we welcome interest in male cosmetic surgery in London, because we believe in enhancing male body positivity and liking what you see in the mirror. When you look good, you feel great, and with a strong link between improved mental health and better physical health, there has never been more reason to feel comfortable in yourself.

Gynaecomastia surgery (or male moob reduction)

The chest and pectorals are seen as a sign of masculinity and attraction by both men and women. Thanks to plenty of celebrities and heart-throbs in the media, a muscular or trim chest and torso have become synonymous with the ‘attractive male’. Many men feel that they don’t live up to this kind of saturated expectation of their bodies, but some even more so than others. Those who experience gynaecomastia are often embarrassed of their physical appearance because of the feminine or fatty appearance of ‘moobs’, or male boobs. Gynaecomastia occurs predominantly through obesity or hormone imbalance during puberty or older. Male moob reduction in London could change the way you see your chest for the rest of your life, freeing many male patients from worrying about gym changing rooms, shirtless summer holidays, and personal and sexual relationships.

Tummy tuck for men

Interestingly, tummy tucks and liposuction for men is also becoming more widely popular. This could be attributed to the pressure to appear ‘youthful’ for dating and professional lives, to an increased awareness of how men relate to body image,

or just the general acceptance that all genders have the right to feel at home in their own skin. Whichever it falls down to, more men are opting for this fat tissue removal from their abdomen and tightening the loose skin with a tuck. Just like gynaecomastia, there is a recognised pressure on appearing effortlessly masculine and macho yet also comfortable in your appearance. Stubborn pockets of fat are the hardest to target with just dieting and exercise alone, and often these traditional methods of fat loss can’t produce the results many men are seeking. A tummy tuck and liposuction could be again incredibly liberating for men that feel self-conscious, especially for those who are feeling frustrated with an exercise regime that seems to not be delivering as promised.

Male nose job

Peter Crouch’s rhinoplasty, or nose job, was well documented by the press and, in our humble opinion, rightly so. Crouch’s nose job opened the door to cosmetic facial surgery for many men who are unhappy with their appearance yet feel that they can’t or shouldn’t change it. Particularly popular with those who have played a lot of contact sports or unlucky facial impacts during a game, the male nose job corrects bumps, irregularities, and imbalances in the bridge of the nose. This cosmetic surgery also comes with health benefits, as they can improve the ability to breathe through your nose and relieve habits like snorting! Because the nose is the focal point of the face, a lot of men can become self-conscious of a previously broken or unfortunately misshapen nose. With our skilled London cosmetic surgeons, however, this art form has been well mastered.

Male DHI hair transplant

A staggering 70% of the male population experience male pattern baldness, and it can greatly affect your confidence in your appearance. Thinning hair, whether at your crown or receding hairline, can be improved with a minimally invasive hair transplant procedure. This is achieved using the DHI procedure, which directly transfers living hair follicles to the treatment area. It is minimally invasive and does not even require a scalpel, instead it simply uses local anaesthetic and hair-strengthening products both before and after your procedure. We are partnered with DHI Global, who pioneered this innovative hair transplant, and we can answer any and all questions at an initial, confidential consultation. Read more about Hair Transplants now.

Non-surgical cosmetic treatments

Non-surgical cosmetic treatments, or injectable aesthetics, are now widely recognised by men as being an option for a more masculinised face. For example, dermal fillers have previously been associated with lip fillers for women seeking the perfect pouts, but their uses have diversified spectacularly and blossomed into an array of masculinisation treatments. Placing dermal filler in the jawline gives a stronger, more angular masculine jaw line, and focussed amounts in the cheeks could create a sharper cheek bone. Even a small addition of filler in the chin creates more facial symmetry and adds a focal point to the lower jaw, elongating the angles. Anti-wrinkle injections, which use a medically regulated toxin, also help to ease the signs of ageing in male skin. Areas of concern that men particularly worry ages them fall between the eyebrows in frown lines, forehead lines, and crow’s feet. These kinds of injectable masculinisation have been growing in popularity for many men in the UK, and all that is needed is a confidential clinic with a medical professional at its helm. At our London we clinic, we don’t just provide high-quality cosmetic surgery but also effective facial injectables.

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Many men are beginning to realise that looking and feeling good isn’t just reserved for the women in their life. In a new era of self-care, body positivity, and owning your self-confidence, there is definitely plenty of opportunity within the discrete consultation rooms of the Cosmetic Surgery Partners for men seeking surgery for themselves. Through empathetic care and personalised surgery recommendations, we adhere to the strict guidelines laid down by the GMC, and our team of skilled surgeons comprises of members of the British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS)  and the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS). For more information on male cosmetic surgery and masculinisation treatments, book a consultation or speak to a mmber of our staff on 020 7486 6778.



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