Attitudes towards Cosmetic Surgery and Coronavirus A Patient Survey

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patients attitudes coronavirus cosmetic surgery


We conducted a survey to get an idea of how patients felt about having elective surgery while the pandemic was still in affect with no vaccine or cure in sight.

Below are some statistics and quotes obtained from the survey, we’d like to thank everyone who took the time to take part in our survey.

covid-19 coronavirus elective surgery patient statistics

88% of patients would consider an online consultation despite a date for return to non-essential surgery still uncertain.


Attitudes towards Cosmetic Surgery and Coronavirus

“My need for surgery is greater than my fear for the virus”


covid-19 coronavirus cosmetic surgery patient statistics pie chart

93% of patients asked felt able to consider elective surgery before a reliable vaccine is available


Attitudes towards Cosmetic Surgery and Coronavirus

“With safety measures in place, I see no reason why surgery couldn’t take place. I trust the hospital to ensure patients & staff are as safe as they can be.”


Attitudes towards Cosmetic Surgery and Coronavirus

70% did not consider elective surgery to be a significant increaser of risk with respect to coronavirus


Attitudes towards Cosmetic Surgery and Coronavirus

“Having the surgery is more important to me in order to get my life back on track. As I am not in the vulnerable category, my need for the surgery outweighs the risk”


coronavirus cosmetic surgery statistical data

More than twice as many people would consider themselves responsible for Coronavirus than all the hospital staff put together



“I consider my surgery worth the risks involved”



Fortunately, although there was a slight excess in those that felt their mental wellbeing was affected, the groups were not dissimilar.

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