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Donna Marie Moore’s (Dee) patient case study; breast reduction from 34J to a 34G cup by expert cosmetic surgeon Mr Nick Percival FRCS.

Dee’s Case Study: From the age of 15, Donna Marie Moor “Dee”, now 39, suffered from insecurity and a lack of confidence. Having started puberty early she was uncomfortable with the 34J breasts that nature had given her. Over the years she suffered from constant pain as a result of having such large breasts. She was also teased a lot by family members and received unwanted attention from the opposite sex.

When Dee had children she went from a J up to an L cup which was both embarrassing for her and caused further pain. The headaches would turn into migraines and she was taking ibuprofen regularly for the backache. It had a big impact on her life as she felt she had no energy and was constantly tired and fed up.

Not only did Dee’s large breasts cause her physical pain; severe backache, headaches and breast sweat, she was also unhappy in herself and embarrassed of her large chest she became a real introvert.

Dee’s cosmetic surgery journey

Finally deciding enough was enough, Dee appeared on TV show “My Naked Secret” and in 2015, the show followed her journey and the reductive surgery performed by leading cosmetic surgeon Mr Nick Percival FRCS. Dee’s breast reduction has taken her from a 34J to a 34G.

Dee who had never been into hospital before was nervous about the whole experience, however the support and assurance she received from the whole team at Cosmetic Surgery Partners filled her with confidence and she is delighted by the results.

breast reduction surgery before and after photos

In her own words Dee describes the results of her breast reduction surgery:

“I am out of this world happy” with the results and no longer experience the excruciating pain I did before and buying clothes has become a lot easier, I now have clothes that actually fit. With my breasts now in proportion I am no longer “Big Dee”, instead I am the new “Happy Dee”!”

Dee’s confidence has grown so much as a result of her breast reduction surgery that she is now even considering plus size modelling! Her personal life has also improved, no longer insecure, she has started going out with friends as well as joining the gym.

breast reduction surgery before and after photos

Further information about Breast Reduction Surgery

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