Gender Affirmation

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Gender-affirming surgery in London

Gender-affirming surgery is used when people have a persistent, severe and well-documented dysphoria, or dissociation between the external body form they have and what they would like to have.

It may be used for both men and women and involve any number of procedures. It may be broadly divided into ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ surgery, to refer to chest and genitalia respectively. Facial alteration is also available and facial feminisation surgery (FFS) is the more common.

Miles Berry has specialised in breast surgery since his early surgical training and has a sub-specialist interest in transgender mastectomy with nipple graft. He also undertakes periareoalar mastectomy, but less commonly as the circumstances are less frequently favourable. He was lead author on what remains the UK’s largest series of transgender mastectomy along with Dai Davies.

Trans-women are also catered for in the form of transgender breast augmentation and Miles has again contributed to the literature and patient information in the form of the Good Boob Bible. Maxilla-facial trained Mr Andrew Douglas, is well-versed in facial feminisation surgery proecures.

Cosmetic Surgery Partners London work in Association with;

Gender Care

GenderCare is a network of individual healthcare practitioners, all qualified, Consultant-level professionals experienced in the gender field. We work directly with a number of practitioners including Dr Stuart Lorimer

Harley Street Gender clinic.

Providing guidance, support and treatment toward authentic gender expression in association with Dr Vickie Pasterski.

The London Gender Clinic.

The London Gender Clinic is run by the well-respected and highly experienced Dr Richard Curtis.

As the largest private Transgender clinic in the United Kingdom it provides comprehensive healthcare tailored to the individual to act as both supporters and facilitators of well-informed solutions involving gender reassignment.

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