face lift review at cosmetic surgery partners LondonGill Leeden, a 55-year old managing director of several skin rejuvenation and laser hair removal clinics, was unhappy with the appearance of her jawline, jowls, and neck. She opted for a facelift with Cosmetic Surgery Partners’ leading London-based cosmetic surgeon, Mr Dai Davies. Gill initially considered seeking surgery abroad but favoured a surgeon that would provide the highest quality of aftercare following her procedure.

Reasons to consider a facelift

Gill’s personal experience of wanting a facelift was because of her falling soft tissue that softened her facial structure. As you age, you begin to lose vital proteins like collagen and underlying skin structures weaken, making it far easier for gravity to pull this soft tissue downwards. While this process is natural, many people feel that it prematurely ages them. A surgical facelift is a long-lasting solution to loose skin, achieving a more youthful and structured appearance.

Facelift patient before after patient photo by Cosmetic Surgery Partners London Facelift patient before after patient photo by Cosmetic Surgery Partners London Facelift patient before after patient photo by Cosmetic Surgery Partners London

Gill’s journey from consultation to procedure

Gill had been considering a facelift for a year before seeking the advice of Dai Davies, though she confides that she had already decided on having the procedure! After Gill had researched other abroad and UK surgeons and found no-one of merit, she said, “I was very keen to somebody that was reputable” and, when describing her first meeting with Dai, said “It was a revelation. He was so nice and kind”. Knowing the areas she wanted to target with the procedure, Gill came informed and resolute to her consultation.

Here at the Cosmetic Surgery Partners in London, we believe in the importance of an informative consultation that is open and honest. We encourage all questions, be they large or small, and always provide confidential advice with pressuring your decision.

On the day of her surgery and after settling in, Gill was lead to theatre by a member of our surgical team and said that “I wasn’t worried because I’d been reassured by Dai and I trusted him implicitly.” Gill underwent her facelift surgery and awoke feeling comfortable with attentive day nurses at her side. Having received appropriate pain medication and aftercare advice, she rested at home until her follow-up appointments were scheduled.

Facelift results

Gill returned to us two weeks after her surgery, and Dai was very pleased with how she was healing post-operation. After another week of rest, Gill was ready to remove her stitches and have her post-op photos taken to document her transformation. Upon seeing her full and healed results, Gill said “I was delighted with the results and I still am”. Trusting Mr Davies, she is even considering returning to us for a second procedure unrelated to her initial facelift.

Long-lasting facelift results

Older techniques of achieving a facelift included simply removing a piece of skin in the loosening area then closing the incision, essentially pulling back and tightening the skin. However, it was soon realised that skin is stretchy, and these results did not stand the test of time.

More advanced techniques, such as those used by our esteemed cosmetic surgeons, involve the lighting and tightening of the SMAS, the Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System that lies deep beneath the skin. This structure is made up of subcutaneous fat, muscles, and soft tissue and is much more resilient than our skin. Lifting this layer helps to reintroduce contour and facial structure to the mid-to-low face while successfully smoothing loose skin. This ensures that the stretched and taut appearance of the older techniques is completely avoided, instead providing more natural- yet youthful-looking results.

If you’re considering facelift surgery in London, then book your consultation with one of our expert surgeons. Enquire online or speak to a friendly member of staff on 020 7486 6778 to discover more about your patient journey.

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face lift patient at cosmetic surgery partners London

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