The Patient Journey

Cosmetic Surgery Partners is with you every step of the way in your patient journey.

The Patient Journey at Cosmetic Surgery Partners London Hospital

We’ve prepared a timeline below to help you understand the patient journey and optional extra services. Please contact us for more information.

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Most patients find us after researching treatments. We offer various surgical and non-surgical procedures, and you can find lots of information about them by clicking those links or selecting from the main menu on our website.  

It’s also useful to look at our reviews. We have a 4.9/5 rating on Trust Pilot and we keep an up-to-date testimonials page where you can find in depth accounts on previous patient’s journeys.

You can meet and find out more about the team at Cosmetic Surgery Partners here. Our award-winning team includes global leaders in plastic surgery, care medicine, nursing and therapy. One of the qualified consultants listed on our team page will oversee your procedure. At our clinic we do not use advisors, the cosmetic surgeon you meet with for your consultation is the same who will be performing the surgery and the one you visit for post-surgical check-up.


Enquiring comes with no obligation and requires only a phone call or email. We reply to emails on weekdays within 24-hours (excluding bank holidays), and we are available by phone Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 4 pm.

Here are the contact details:

We welcome the opportunity to discuss our procedures. You will get a good understanding of what to expect without giving up much time.

Please note patients must have a BMI of 30 or below


The next stage is a consultation, where one of our specialist consultants discusses your requirements, expectations, and potential procedures.

Pre-consultation, we ask you to fill out an online pre-consultation health check form so that we understand the basics of your medical history.

You can have an online consultation or a consultation at our London hospital. Video consultations eliminate the need for travel and offer more flexibility, we always suggest meeting our consultants in person. Having a consultation in person means your surgeon will be able to get to thoroughly advise you and you will get a feel for our hospital. Cosmetic Surgery Partners is one of the few clinics that offers your consultation and surgery at one location.

The advice you receive during the consultation is personal, so it is more valuable than any general advice you may find online. It will help you understand your options and provide a timeframe and cost estimate. This is your chance to ask any questions and explain any goals or issues you may have. It is also the ideal time to get to know your surgeon. It is important that you feel at ease by making sure you’ve made the best possible choice of consultant for your surgery.

You will receive a booklet on the procedure, a surgeon profile, and a cost guide, helping you recap the consultation in your own time.

We will also discuss finance options with you. You can pay for the total cost of surgery, or you can spread the cost over 6-12 months with 0% finance.

We have also written a handy guide on preparing your consultation

The Buddy System

The Buddy System puts you in touch with one of our patients who had the same cosmetic surgery procedure you are considering.

Your Buddy will help you understand the procedure and what to expect in more detail. The service is optional and normally provided after consultation.

Pre-assessment for surgery

Once you are happy to proceed with the procedure, we will book you for a surgery pre-assessment with a registered nurse.

Your nurse will arrange any preoperative investigation, i.e. blood tests, swabs, urine samples, and ensure it all fits the timeline. We may request blood test results (FBC), (COAG), (UE) and a Mammogram or Ultrasound, depending on the procedure.

NHS England advises a Covid -19 swab test 72 hours before surgery. However, this guidance may change at any time.

You will receive preoperative instructions, admission instructions and diet recommendations to fully prepare you for the procedure. You will only have to turn up, and we will take care of everything else.

If you are a smoker, it is important that you do not smoke at least 6 weeks prior to surgery and during the healing process, this includes vaping. Our staff will be able to advise you further.

We also provide a complimentary counselling service with Deshara Pariag, our certified therapist specialising in mental health and wellbeing.

Booking for surgery

After pre-assessment for surgery, our team will confirm your surgery date, and your journey to a new you will be well underway.

Our booking dates are flexible to suit your lifestyle, but please be aware that rearranging surgery dates may extend the time of surgery by several weeks.

Day of surgery

You will be admitted into our private hospital and asked to sign a consent to treatment document so that we can legally perform the surgery. Our fantastic nursing team will look after you throughout your stay.

We aim to go from admission and consent to theatre within one hour. Preparation for theatre involves getting dressed in a hospital gown, and a nurse will monitor your vitals and prepare you for general anaesthetic (if relevant).

Rest assured, you will be at total ease on the day of surgery. We will take care of you and ensure that everything goes to plan.

Discharge and aftercare

Depending on the procedure and how it goes, we might discharge you immediately following the surgery or observe you for a few hours. In the case of general anaesthetic, an overnight stay is common.

We recommend that you have someone to assist getting home after surgery, we advise you do not drive.

You will receive a post-op information pack, so you know what to expect in the days and weeks following the procedure. We will advise you on dressings, showering, pain relief and dieting to help you recover as soon as possible.

We are only a phone call away if you have any questions or need help during recovery.

Post-op consultation at six weeks

The 6-week mark is a milestone for cosmetic surgery because any swelling should be gone with only minor bruising. The results of your procedure should be 90% there at this stage, giving us a great opportunity to review our work.

Your post-op consultation is a chance to meet your surgeon again (you will also meet them during consultation) and discuss the procedure outcome. Consultations last around half an hour and are for us and you, so feel free to ask lots of questions!

We will take photos of the results for your patient file. We will also ask you to complete a patient satisfaction survey for our records.

Your journey to surgery starts here

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