The benefits of imaging prior to cosmetic surgery

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Cosmetic surgery has long been a popular option for men and women looking to change the way they look and achieve their dream appearance – in 2014, there were over 45,000 different cosmetic surgery procedures performed in the UK alone. As technology and the techniques used by cosmetic surgeons advance, patients are able to receive an increased level of care, before, during and after their cosmetic procedure.

At Cosmetic Surgery Partners, we use AlterImage, an advanced piece of aesthetic imaging software, during the consultation phase before facial surgery such as the rhinoplasty (nose job). AlterImage was designed specifically for cosmetic surgeons, and allows us to alter digital images of our patients’ faces or bodies. What this means is that we can give patients a realistic before and after image, prior to surgery, to show you the sort of results you can expect from the procedure.

cosmetic surgery imaging software cosmetic surgery imaging software

One of the main benefits this provides us with is the ability to manage the expectations of our patients. Some cosmetic surgeons will give patients unrealistic expectations during the consultation phase, promising them the world. When the end result is not quite what the patient was expecting, it is perfectly natural for them to be disappointed or angry, especially if they feel as though they were misled.

cosmetic surgery imaging software cosmetic surgery imaging software

Another benefit of using imaging software prior to cosmetic surgery is that it allows us to deal with any fears or concerns a patient may have. While cosmetic surgery is hugely popular with people around the world, for those who are planning their first procedure, it is natural to be slightly apprehensive. After seeing horror stories on the news of surgeries that have gone wrong, patients want to know that they can trust the cosmetic surgeon they are with. By using imaging software, we can put any worries to bed, making sure you know exactly what results you can expect from your procedure.

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