Breast implants can improve your sex life

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Breast implants can improve your sex life a study reveals UK surgeon featured

An article by the Huffington Post makes claim to the possibility that breast implants can improve your sex life. A lot of women opt for breast augmentation surgery because they are unhappy with their original breast size and body shape, and more often than not the results are beyond measure. Most women report a surge in confidence and self esteem post breast surgery. Whereas before might be embarrassed by asymmetrical (uneven breast droop) or the lack of volume in their breasts or in some case the shape and size of their nipples cosmetic surgery manages to correct all unsightly lumps and bumps. Although some experts claim that perhaps it’s the sheer thrill of getting to spend vast amounts of money (on themselves).

UK Surgeon Miles Berry of Cosmetic Surgery Partners was asked to comment;

“The fact you can’t get a standard answer indicates that we don’t know. Women are rather complex creatures – men are much simpler – and this shows that some women fulfill some of those answers, neither are completely correct and neither are wrong.

“It is immensely complicated business and even if you have the most perfect breasts after surgery, you can still be miserable with them. And then sometimes we can look at the pictures and we may not like it or think we could have done better, and the client is ecstatic about it.”

“We spend 45 minutes after an initial consultation trying to find this out,” says Miles. “Is it about the breast or is it about something entirely different? Sometimes it is so much more psychological.

“We are trying to filter out people with people who aren’t going to be unhappy even if they have surgery because it is a risky procedure and we have to ask them those questions.”

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