Cosmetic Surgery Partners surgeon Mr Nick Percival rescues woman with botched up boobs

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Cosmetic Surgery Partners surgeon Mr Nick Percival rescues woman with ‘Botched up Boobs’

Our UK surgeon Mr Nick Percival was featured in the May issue of Best magazine where he talks  about the life saving breast surgery operation performed on patient Claire Hawker famously featured in season 2 of Channel 5’s hit TV series ‘Botched Up Bodies’.

30 year old Claire Hawker from Reading believed she was getting a great deal on plastic surgery whilst abroad in the Czech Republic, however, the “Bargain Basement” boob job turned out to be her worst nightmare. Claire’s implants, which may have been illegal, were too big and ripped open the skin on Claire’s breast, which lead to it becoming infected. She was left with empty and severely scarred breasts, and had to go back to hospital every fortnight in order for her wounds to be cleaned. Two years on from her recovery, Claire went for a consultation with Cosmetic Surgery Partners Nick Percival, who gave her the new breast implants she so desperately needed, which took her up to an E cup.

After her final procedure of removing the scar tissue that Claire had lived with for three years, she is finally thrilled with her figure at last!

You can watch clips from the hit Channel 5 TV series Botched Up Bodies featuring surgeon Nick Percival by visiting our Youtube or by clicking the links below. Warning: this video may not be available in all countries.

Many people choose to travel abroad for cheap cosmetic surgery however in many cases the risks far outweigh the benefits. At Cosmetic Surgery Partners we see many patients who have done just that, and in most cases we have to perform secondary or revision surgery in order to rectify the mistakes of under qualified and rogue surgeon operators abroad. Be sure to do your research, remember the price often reflects the level of service and aftercare available, be smart and consider paying a little extra for a result that will last you for life and one that will reflect your expectations, you may actually ending up paying with more than just your bank balance. We have a video blog on our Youtube channel by our experienced surgeon Mr Dai Davies explaining the benefits and the perils of travelling abroad for cheap cosmetic surgery. You can watch the video blog by clicking here or press play on the video below.

Watch video of cosmetic surgeon Mr Dai Davies talking about going abroad for cheap cosmetic surgery – click here

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