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Cosmetic surgery advice – How to prepare for your surgery consultation, video blog by surgeon Dai Davies FRCS

In this video blog world famous surgeon Mr Dai Davies of Cosmetic Surgery Partners offers his impartial advice on how you should prepare yourself for your consultation. This video also explains the kind of research you should do in order to effectively choose the right surgeon for your surgical procedure.

Some patients feel they are not sure how to prepare or get the best out of a consultation with the surgeon. Surgeons experience a range of patients from those who know what they want improved but not sure what is on offer, to those patients who are educated and know exactly what they want, either way having a consultation is an essential step in the journey for your surgery and knowing how to get the most out of your consultation will lead to better results in the long term. Dai offers expert advice; research what is practical and realistic for yourself, arm yourself with knowledge so you can ask your surgeon pertinent questions, getting the right answer from your surgeon will give you confidence that he or she is the right person to successfully carry out your procedure.

Video blog Transcript:

Hello my name is Dai Davies FRCS and I am part of Cosmetic Surgery Partners, some people have decided that they would like to have cosmetic surgery but they are very anxious that they will be talked into having more surgery than they were envisioning, or different surgery, in other words they are very nervous of the consultation.

It is absolutely vital that if you are thinking of having cosmetic surgery that you get as much knowledge about the procedure you are going to have before attending the consultation.

Firstly how do you choose a surgeon and secondly what are you going to do at the consultation. Many patients will come to me and say; “I don’t know what I need I just want to look younger”, that’s all very well, but really what they should do is a lot of background research, through the internet, by looking at talks, surgeon review websites, the best ones are of course are on cosmetic surgery partners website, you need to know what is available, what is practical and what is realistic for yourself before you go to the consultation. Because at the consultation, yes you will want to receive the advice and be able to work on the knowledge of the surgeon you consult, but what you also want to do is to check out the advice that he is giving you, so you want to be able to ask him pertinent questions that will test him a little bit and if he gives you the correct answers it will give you the confidence and you will know that you will be able to have the surgery with that surgeon knowing that he’s a good man or lady doing it.

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