Has Celebrity cleavage gone out of fashion? Article about breast implants

Posted by: Cosmetic Surgery Partners

Recently there’s been talk of celebrity cleavage going out of fashion…

So, Laura Craik’s ‘Goodbye Boys’ article in the Times newspaper yesterday is waking up, said boys on Twitter. How cleavage has apparently gone out of fashion!

Cleavage is being deemed a taboo lately and fashion is now dictating a more sensible dress. “For female designers the definition of ‘sexy’ is less rigid”, or perhaps the celebrities at the Grammy Awards ceremony chose to adhere to the wardrobe advisory police and ensure they were within the required regulations and were not in fact problematic.

Is this something you have found of late or do you totally disagree, perhaps it’s the cold front we have here in the UK at the moment, and as the weather changes, as with most celebrity plastic surgery trends we are sure the return of the big breasted celebrity will be back before you can say breast implants.

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Below are images of celebrities with cleavage including Kelly Brooks who recently won “best celebrity cleavage”, as stated in the article by the Mail Online.

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