Raising money for ‘Breast Cancer Now’ Charity

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Raising money for Breast Cancer Now Charity

Gary Monaghan Raises Money for ‘Breast Cancer Now’ with help from Cosmetic Surgery Partners

‘I’m not running a marathon for Breast Cancer Now because I’d pass out. I’m driving a very fast car instead.’

Car enthusiast, Gary Monaghan, has driven a very fast car through the hairpin bends of Col de Turini to raise as much money as he can for Breast Cancer Now.

Many courageous people have swam lakes, ran marathons and done mini triathlons in order to raise money for charity, however, Gary decided to do things a little different. Admitting he would pass out if he was to run a marathon, he set himself the challenge of driving a fast car along beautiful, but dangerous roads – something he loves to do.

‘I don’t feel guilty about doing something I love to raise funds, there are people who haven’t done anything. If I was to ask my dad, who died of cancer, what I should do, he would have said this.’

Many people may think this sounds easy, and certainly not as hard as lengths others have gone to. That said, Gary Monaghan welcomed anyone to keep up with him.

‘If we can kill this awful disease in our lifetimes, we give some of our kids, who will undoubtedly suffer, a chance.’

Here at Cosmetic Surgery Partners, we pride ourselves on our charitable work and we were delighted to sponsor Gary on his journey for a fantastic cause. We loved hearing the updates and he sent some fantastic images of places he passed through en route.’

Miles Berry, one of our expert surgeons has a master’s and a patent for research into breast cancer at St Bartholomew’s Hospital. He also spent two years at the famous Institut Curie in Paris and, after returning to London, spent two years at the Royal Marsden Hospital doing breast reconstruction for cancer patients before joining Cosmetic Surgery Partners as a cosmetic and aesthetic surgeon.

Please sponsor Gary Monaghan and help raise money for Breast Cancer Now. Visit https://www.justgiving.com/gary-monaghan1/

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Below, just one of the amazing views encountered by Gary on his journey.

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