Why we think the Microsoft ‘Guess My Age’ App will lead to even more cosmetic surgery

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MOVE OVER ‘SELFIE’!- Why we think the Microsoft ‘Guess My Age’ App will lead to even more cosmetic surgery contemplation

You may have seen the Microsoft app, Guess My Age, which guesses your age through an uploaded photo. The app, seems to be overrating a persons age, and was reported that like the ‘selfie’ phenomenon, this will make the users feel even more conscious about looking old.

The peoples general consensus heard over Social media has responded with outrage to Microsoft about the app. So much so that Microsoft installed a default apology after each age guess which reads “Sorry if we didn’t quite guess your age or gender right – we are still improving this feature.

At Cosmetic Surgery Partners we decided to give the Guess My Age app a go to see why people were so outraged, it quickly transpired that the app I nothing more than a gimmick. The below photo is of the same person, the slight changes in tone and facial expression produce a guesstimated age gap of 7 years! For the record neither of the age guesses were correct.

Have you had your ego crushed by Guess My Age?

If you have had your ego killed by this app or would just like to know whether the products you’ve been using have been keeping their promises and holding up their end of the deal, empower yourself and uncover the REAL truth about your skin with VISIA complexion analysis.

Only VISIA – a state if the art multi spectral imaging machine, can give you a real accurate report as to the state of your skin and overall facial condition. Your face is as individual as your fingerprint and VISIA can reveal damage and signs of ageing on and beneath the skin that is invisible to the human eye. It compares your skin’s analysis to those of the same age, sex and ethnicity to give a fair analysis of how well you are doing in the ageing process and you will be able see the levels of damage caused by exposure you UV sun rays (or sun beds), skin texture, wrinkles, bacterial load, inflammation and vascular areas.

Scientific skin analysis technology powered by Visia

Here at Cosmetic Surgery Partners, we offer a FREE skin consultation, which usually lasts 20 – 30 minutes. Your VISIA results will be assessed to determine an effective rejuvenation regime tailored to your needs which may include the use of daily skincare products, anti-ageing treatments, skin peels, injections, fillers etc.

One of the UK’s leading cosmetic surgery practices based in the prestigious London Welbeck hospital, we have great expertise in a wide range of surgical and non-surgical aesthetic treatments. Our highly qualified cosmetic surgeons have decades of experience, we have pioneered new surgical techniques, and are often invited to lecture and attend international meetings.


Watch an example of a VISIA consultation with our clinical Nurse and expert in skincare analysis, Lindsey Silker. Lindsey specialises in non- surgical treatments such as lasers, skin treatments and fillers and has been with the award winning team at Cosmetic Surgery Partners since 2011. Alongside nursing and dealing with all patients pre and post op, skincare is one of Lindsey’s passions. She is trained and able to give expert advice on the best treatments and methods to look after your skin to keep you looking young and feeling great.


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