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Our cosmetic surgeons are often asked to feature their expert opinions on plastic & cosmetic surgery in magazines and press articles . Essentials magazine asked Cosmetic Surgery Partners to comment on Blepharoplasty or more commonly known as eyelid surgery…

Nowadays, if there is a certain part of your body that makes you feel unhappy or affects your confidence, there’s an easy solution to fix it – cosmetic surgery. Essentials Magazine reveals that £2.3 billion was spent on procedures such as Botox and fillers in 2010. On a regular basis, celebrities will be seen in the press with a different nose; bigger boobs etc which will always be a main talking point. However, when you think of celebrities you immediately think of ridiculously large amount of money. In a way, they endorse cosmetic surgery to the general public. People crave the rich and famous lifestyle, and where cosmetic surgery is becoming more affordable, more and more people are deciding to go under the knife in order to correct their flaws and feel one more step closer to having that famous lifestyle.

Essentials Magazine has written an ‘all you need to know’ piece on cosmetic surgery and the types of procedures that are available. If your face is a part of your body that you feel needs changing, you have the option of facelifts, nose jobs, chin reshaping and eyelid surgery. Cosmetic Surgery Partners is in fact mentioned in this piece for offering eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty in scientific terms) at a reasonable rate of £1,900 for an upper eyelid lift or £3,650 for an upper and lower lift. What does eyelift surgery actually do? Well, by having an eye-lid lift your eyes will look less tired and more rejuvenated. Excess skin, muscle and fat is removed from the upper or lower lid, and the scars will be hidden within the natural creases of your eye-lid. Surgery is best for getting rid of loose skin and fat, however, if you want to hide those signs of aging such as wrinkles and lines, the best way is to undergo laser resurfacing.

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