Miles Berry comments on Kim Kardashian’s bum – did she have Buttock Implants?

Posted by: Cosmetic Surgery Partners

Our UK cosmetic surgeons are often asked for their expert opinions to be featured on TV programs and radio shows.

As it is a hot topic to write about celebrity cosmetic surgery in magazines and newspapers our surgeons are often asked to comment on celebrity plastic surgery or potential surgery procedures the celebs may have had.

In this case Kim Kardashian is back in the spot light, this time it’s again for her infamous derriere. A lot of people are speculating about the possibility that she has had ‘gluteal implant surgery’ in other words implants inserted into her buttocks. Could this be yet another rising celebrity cosmetic surgery trend? Has Kim Kardashian had bum implants? Or was it something else? Our UK expert cosmetic surgeon Miles Berry comments in the Mail Online.

Mr Miles Berry of Cosmetic Surgery Partners comments: ‘It is a possibility that Kim could have had a fat transfer or fillers, there is a noticeable asymmetry to her bottom now with the right cheek being larger than the left which suggests a change from earlier years.’

‘Alternatively, she could have had a cosmetic procedure and these could well be dressings that give an overall effect of global bulkiness, or she could just be wearing fat pants.’

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