GMC pledges to make the cosmetic surgery industry safer with mandatory cooling-off period for patients

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GMC pledges to make the cosmetic surgery industry safer with mandatory cooling-off period for patients

Cosmetic Surgery Partners fully support enforced legislation for a mandatory ‘cooling-off’ period as set out by the General Medical Council

Cosmetic Surgery Partners Miles Berry MS, FRCS (Plast) and Nick Percival FRCS fully support the General Medical Council’s pledge to publish a guide in 2016 to make surgical and non-surgical procedures, such as facelifts, tummy tucks, breast implants, dermal fillers and Botox safer.

The surgeons from London’s Cosmetic Surgery Partners Clinic have always operated a policy that anyone having cosmetic surgery should be given a ‘cooling-off’ period before going under the knife and that patients are given enough time and information to change their minds about whether to proceed with treatment.

All cosmetic surgeons at cosmetic surgery partners are GMC registered as specialist cosmetic surgeons. Do your homework – not all Cosmetic Surgeons in the UK are Cosmetic Surgery specialists.

It is never alright for your surgeon to rush you into surgery. Be very wary of the surgeon who is too ready to agree and pushy, Cosmetic Surgery should be an EDUCATED decision made only by yourself. We hope that together with the help of the medical council Cosmetic Surgery Partners can provide even better patient education and we are happy to see the GMC including this as part of their manifesto.

There may be a lack of proper patient and cosmetic surgery practice legislation but that doesn’t stop our team of expert surgeons from going above and beyond procedure. We are proud to use only specialist surgeons, we do not operate on patients under the age of 18, we never push patients into surgery and we ALWAYS ensure proper patient education and a ‘cooling-off’ period between date of consultation and surgery!

Have you ever been pushed or rushed into surgery by surgeon? Are you unsure of why a ‘cooling-off’ period is necessary? Would you like to seek revision surgery after a botched operation? Get in touch today or tweet #trustCSP – we are listening and will be able to reply to your messages on twitter!

For expert comment from Miles Berry or Nick Percival on better regulation of cosmetic interventions call into the clinic today 0207 486 6778 our expert staff will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. Alternatively you can e-mail us by using this contact form.

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