The Importance of Rhinoplasty

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The Importance of Rhinoplasty

The Importance of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is arguably one of the most misunderstood forms of cosmetic surgery, with perhaps the biggest misconception being that it only ever performed on patients for vanity reasons. The fact of the matter is that the reasons for opting for Rhinoplasty vary wildly from case to case – some operations are cosmetic, but quite often the surgery is performed to correct a variety of medical issues.

Whatever the reason for surgery, there are two ways for it to be performed – these are called open and closed Rhinoplasty. Open is performed by the surgeon by cutting a small incision in the septum’s exterior and operating that way, whereas with closed it is performed solely via the nostrils.

This approach will depend on the surgeon’s diagnosis and what the patient’s desired outcome is.
Below we’ve listed a few of the reasons why considering Rhinoplasty can be an important step toward a better life.

Sinus Problems

From congestion to allergies, sinus problems can take a variety of guises and Rhinoplasty is utilised to help alleviate or eliminate the problem.

This has seen patients ask for the surgery to help with breathing problems that leave them with sinus pressure headaches, and even people who have severe snoring problems which are having an adverse effect on their quality of life.

Damage Repair

People sustain damage to their nose through all kinds of mishaps and accidents, from sports activities to automobile accidents.

This can leave them with both cosmetic damage as well as breathing problems, meaning Rhinoplasty is their only option for a return to normalcy. If surgery is conducted in the first two weeks of the accident, often the surgery will bring great results and correct a lot of the damage caused.

Self Esteem

Some people don’t have internal issues with their nose, they just find them too prominent or crooked which leaves them feeling self-conscious and depressed. With the nose being front and centre on your face there’s no way to hide it, whereas with a lot of other issues you might have with your body you can cover them up quite easily.

Rhinoplasty can help to reduce the size of the nose or straighten it, ensuring it will complement the patients face and be to their satisfaction. This leaves the patient feeling much happier in themselves, boosting their self-esteem and improving their life.


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