The Advantages of Cosmetic Surgery in the UK

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If you are considering travelling abroad for cosmetic surgery rather than staying in the UK there are a few things you will want to take into consideration first. For most people who plan to travel outside the UK for cosmetic surgery the reason is often cost savings and not standards of care.

It’s true that travelling abroad to certain countries for cosmetic surgery can cost less than it would to have the same procedure performed in the UK, but more often than not these savings can come with a list of inconveniences and safety risks that you are less likely to encounter if you choose a cosmetic surgery clinic within the UK.

The UK – Home to World Renowned Cosmetic Surgery Clinics

Every year, thousands of women and men from around the world choose the UK to receive top-notch cosmetic surgery from some of the world’s leading cosmetic and plastic surgeons. In fact, many consider the UK to be the best location in the world for many cosmetic surgery procedures – with associations such as BAAPS overseeing and regulating surgeons by means of strict codes of conduct and a specialist register, through which both patient satisfaction and safety are assured.

Not all Cosmetic Surgery Trips Abroad are Safe

All surgery comes with some level of risk, and no matter how high the standard of a procedure is the potential for complications can always arise. However, encountering these complications can lead to far more serious consequences abroad, especially if you choose a location with lower safety standards than what the UK is required to provide. Furthermore in the unlikely case that a complication does arise as a result of your cosmetic surgery will you be happy to spend the money to travel back to see your surgeon abroad, what at first seemed like a cheaper option quickly adds up to being an expensive disaster.

When it comes to your personal health and safety, saving a few quid is in no way a valid reason to deny yourself the highest standard of care that you can get, and unfortunately the standard of care abroad often pales in comparison to the standard of treatment you will get in the UK. Just like with anything, you get what you pay for.

Superior Aftercare

In the UK, surgeons are not only responsible for performing the cosmetic surgery procedures, but also providing aftercare for the patient. UK surgeons and cosmetic surgery clinics are held to very strict standards regarding both surgery procedures and aftercare services, but cosmetic surgery clinics abroad often tend to have less straightforward aftercare services and more often than not patients do not have anyone in the UK to turn to if complications arise when they return home.

No Language Barriers

When receiving any type of surgery you will want to be well informed about what the procedure entails, from the best pre-op preparations all the way through to post-op and aftercare. Choosing cosmetic surgery clinics abroad can offer frustrating language barriers that can leave you feeling confused about the procedure, leading to feelings of uncertainty and anxiety. Many cosmetic surgery clinics abroad advertise as having English speaking staff, however this does not necessarily mean that staff speak fluent English.

Choosing a UK based clinic entirely diminishes the risk of encountering language barriers, allowing you to go into your procedure fully informed and with confidence. Receiving surgery is nerve-wracking enough on its own, but receiving surgery in a clinic where you are struggling to understand what is being explained to you can be nothing short of terrifying.

There is No Place Like Home

You should always be wary of cosmetic surgery clinics that promote the “holiday sell” on their website. Many cosmetic surgery clinics located abroad (specifically in tropical climates) offer their treatment as a “plus holiday”, and while this is a great concept in theory, it isn’t exactly realistic considering you will be enjoying your “cosmetic surgery holiday” while in post-treatment recovery. It is important to remember that there is a very good chance that you will not be feeling 100% for at least a few days if not weeks after your surgery has been performed.

While taking a holiday pre-surgery is feasible, a post-surgery holiday is pretty much a waste of money. You also run the risk of overdoing it while you are supposed to be resting, which can cause a myriad of complications all on its own.

The best place to get the rest and relaxation you need to recover properly is always in the comfort of your own home, and more importantly in close proximity to the surgeon who performed your surgery. Why travel outside of the UK when you have access to the world’s leading cosmetic surgery clinics right outside your door?

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