The ‘Royal Rhinoplasty’; Kate Middleton’s nose is the latest trend in cosmetic surgery

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The Royal rhinoplasty is one journalists answer to our economic problems, and Kate Middleton the saviour!

So our deficit is bad – Giles Coren (Times Journalist) has the answers ;0) Lets sell the rights to ‘Kate’s’ nose!

He has a point, the Americans love her nose. So the idea being we can fix the economy by selling the rights to it – and a few other royal body parts. Kate Middleton that is, and not our supermodel Kate Moss.

The Times reported last week that Kate has overtaken Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman and Ashlee Simpson to become recognised as the bearer of the ideal nose and the ‘Royal Rhinoplasty’ is the latest trend. Women in America are bringing along pictures of Kate’s nose more often than any other celebrity, a number of plastic surgeons report. They like the slope, the tip and the relative width. Dr Thomas Reno of Lenox Hill Hospital, New York says he has performed two or three “Kate Middleton nose jobs” every week for the past two years.

Giles suggests we license it. Either for informal copying in plastic surgery or for direct cloning of spare noses for American ladies who keep a collection of costume beezers on their dressing table, so that they can wear a “Kate” to sophisticated dinners, keep a “Barbra Streisand” for karaoke night and a “Michelle Obama” for quiet evenings in with the girls.

However, if we do the sums, unfortunately it won’t save us so we’ll have to resort to selling off other royal parts, such as Prince Charles’s ears and poor Pippa’s derriere.

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