Tuck in your tummy with a abdominoplasty

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Tuck in your tummy with a abdominoplasty


Whilst tummy tucks were once thought of only for mothers who’d finished having their families and wanted their figures back, the trend for abdominoplasty is now taking a different turn. Open any magazine these days and you’ll see stories of extreme weight loss, with before and after pictures that are inspiring if not a little shocking.

If you’re someone who has had first-hand experience of extreme weight loss you will know that shifting excess and unwanted body fat is only half the battle. The trouble is that skin has a certain point of elasticity and once you cross the limit there is no natural way to snap the skin back into shape your natural body shape, as a result you may look and feel confident with clothes on, but in the nude is a different story.

Skin stretches, we all know that, and for those who have lost a lot of weight quickly, either due to pregnancy or natural exercise and diet regime however it’s not uncommon to find that the stretched skin doesn’t suddenly “ping” back into shape. We also find the same story with people who’ve had a large amount of fat removed through liposuction surgery, which is also the reason why we often combine the procedures to give the best result.

A large amount of fat loss can leave those who’ve worked so hard to get the weight off with a bigger problem than they’ve had before. So what can they do?

How can a tummy tuck help?

Abdominoplasty can be a saviour for both men and women who have lost a substantial amount of weight and been left with saggy skin that no amount of exercise and diet can shift.

Men as well as women can benefit from this type of surgery, and there are different ways to go about it. Some people prefer to get rid of some stubborn pockets of fat at the same time, by combining abdominoplasty with liposuction, whilst some feel the surgery is enough on its own. Every case is different but the results; always astonishing.

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Why is a tummy tuck surgery the only option for removing loose skin?

Nothing short of surgery will tighten up the skin to give you a smooth flat stomach. There are many firming creams and tightening wraps on the market today, but none of these will give your stomach the smooth, taut look that a tummy tuck will, which is why patients who opt for the procedure are usually delighted with their results.

If you have an issue with loose sagging skin around you stomach region you may be a perfect candidate for tummy tuck surgery. It is a great procedure for both men and women as long as you are in good health, there is no real age limit to who can benefit from the procedure provided you are over 18 years of age.

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