The changing face of Kelly Brook

Posted by: Cosmetic Surgery Partners


Our surgeon Mr Miles Berry MS, FRCS (Plast) was asked to comment exclusively for the Star magazine on the changing appearance of Kelly Brook’s face, below he gives his opinion on the possibility of help from a little cosmetic surgery.

“Kelly may have had fillers to restore volume to her cheeks and lips as they look plumper and more defined in recent photos. Her forehead is also very smooth, meaning she may have had Botox to relax lines.” Mr Miles Berry, consultant plastic surgeon at Cosmetic Surgery Partners, adds, “There are no lines at all on the upper third of her face, which strongly suggests she’s had Botox. A smidgen of filler in her cheeks and lips is also a possibility.”

“Her complexion is good, so I suspect she has a good skincare regimen,” he adds. “Her make-up is skilfully applied to highlight her best features.”

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