How to reduce knee wrinkles a quest for perfect legs

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How to reduce knee wrinkles in a quest for perfect pins is cosmetic surgery the answer?

This article is a response to the suggestion that Thigh lifts DO NOT have any influence on the look of the knees. Article contributed to by expert UK cosmetic surgeon Mr Miles Berry MS, FRCS (Plast)

In a triumph of neologism and alliterative journalism the Sun recently offered a solution to ‘kninkles’ – knee wrinkles (link to article below).

There is, however, one element of the report that is misleading. Thigh lifts, whilst expensive and possibly painful, do not address issues around the knee at all: the two are simply too far apart anatomically.

The practitioner, Dr Mohan, seems to have hit upon something useful with his fat-dissolving solution, but it is worth remembering that fat does not just exist in the unsightly lumps. Important functions include insulation, padding and the provision of a smooth contour. We often see patients who have found to their cost that skin does not always behave as well as the woman in the story. Removal of the fat is only half of the equation; empty, sagging skin that has not shrunk as expected may actually be worse. Skin retraction is highly variable and is influenced by a wealth of factors including genetics, body mass index and skin elasticity that worsens with age, smoking and sun over-exposure.

With the media posting images such the one above of Jennifer Aniston it’s no suprise women are getting paranoid about their ‘kninkles’ (Knee wrinkles).

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