Hyperhidrosis no more – How Botox in my armpits stopped my excessive sweating and changed my life!

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Hyperhidrosis no more – How Botox in my armpits stopped my excessive sweating and changed my life!

Gemma Wilson, 23, from South London was diagnosed with Hyperhidrosis, and after having tried almost everything else she turned to specialists at Cosmetic Surgery Partners in London for a cure to her condition which causes excessive sweating. The cure; a simple procedure injecting Botox into her armpits. Her story was featured in Pick Me Up magazine, below we retell her tale…

Gemma was diagnosed with hyperhidrosis. It meant that Gemma sweated more than her body needed. She was given a prescription deodorant, and she avoided doing the things that would cause her to sweat. That didn’t seem to cure the problem, so she would buy the strongest deodorants she could find.

‘Miss, I don’t want to be Gemma’s partner,’ a classmate said. ‘Her hands are sweaty. Gross!’

I was only 9 and had been suffering from excessive sweating. Whenever we did dancing, I’d end up with massive sweat patches. By 12, I’d had to stop piano lessons too, as my finger slipped off the keys. I was at boarding school, as my parents lived in France, so I didn’t go to a doctor. My mates accepted me, but I felt frustrated and upset. One day I told a teacher. ‘Might be your metabolism,’ she said kindly. ‘You should see the school doctor.’

She wanted to train as an actress but was scared that the costumes and the lighting would trigger her hyperhidrosis.

“I can’t expect to wear black all the time on stage”

So she started to search for treatment for excessive sweating, her initial journey started online. She found a forum; ‘I had Botox in my armpits’ one girl on the forum had written. ‘I’ve been sweat free for a couple of months.’

She decided to have the procedure done straight away. At that point she decided to enlist the help of specialists at Cosmetic Surgery Partners in London.

It is a fairly straight forward procedure; the Botox was injected into her armpits, a total of 24 injections were made in each armpit, resulting in slight swelling which goes down after a couple of days. The result has had an immeasurable impact on Gemma’s life

“It’s a miracle!” she said to Joe her partner.

She now only has to put on some regular deodorant in the morning and will need to have a Botox top up in 6 months. Gemma is now looking forward to starting her career in acting. The only thing left for her to worry about now is stage fright!

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Gemma is featured in the above article featuring Cosmetic Surgery Partners


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